What Do You Get Someone Who Has Everything? *Songfinch

It's approaching their birthday and you're stuck for ideas on what to get them. At Christmas you just bought them that new gadget they have been wanting for what seems like forever, then the next occasion rolls around and you buy them some gifts that you think will do the job because you're starting to run out of ideas, then come's their birthday and you have no clue on what to get them, you're stumped. What DO you get for someone who seems to have it all? A new bag to add to their ever growing collection? how about some perfume/aftershave? no? what about a boat load of chocolate? not personal enough? well look no further! Because here is the ultimate personalised gift that NO ONE else will have because it is truly unique to the recipient.  

When I think of presents I always try to go for something that's special and unique because after 25 years of buying presents for my Gran, she has it all. The photo albums, the mugs, countless bouquets of flowers, more chocolate than I care to admit and all the silly little things in between. Mothers day was fast approaching and I was doing all I could for her in terms of picking up stuff that was unique like a Mug from Mr Nutcase with a picture of Leon and her on it, A photo book from funky pigeon, a night out for just us two, but still something was missing, These were all gifts that I have gotten before but just a little different; Then one day I was checking my emails to see one from Zach at Songfinch. After reading everything about the company I jumped at the chance to try out their service, I mean, who doesn't want a completely unique song? 

The whole process was really easy, You go to their website where you will fill in certain information, like who the song is for, what you want them to feel, memories etc... I would really suggest you give them all the information you can because I didn't actually put in enough so I was sent another email asking me for more information so yeah, I would definitely say fill in as much as possible as you can. 

I love the fact you can really choose what the song will be like, you have so much control over it all like if you want a female or male voice, you can also choose for it to be a surprise. You also get the chance to choose the Genre that you want, I personally went for Indie Pop as I thought that would be the best one for my gran, she likes upbeat, heartfelt songs and for me this was the best choice. I think the fact you can have control over the type of genre you get is very helpful because you obviously don't want a rap song for someone who loves Country music. 

I gave them all the information needed, the whole process was easy, straight forward and I felt like I done it wrong actually because it was so quick and easy haha but apart from just needing some more information on my gran, it went very smoothly, as over within 5 minutes and that's it, you just sit back and wait for your song to come through. 

Whilst I was waiting on my grans son I actually went through their website listening to some that had been done for other people, I was blown away by the fact that it's a proper song, not just a one minute little thing but a proper lengthy song that wouldn't be out of place on an album. With the songs they also tell you a bit about the artist who made it and after reading about some of them I was sure that the song for my gran was in good hands but I was eager to find out who would be singing and composing my grans one.

After waiting very patiently for the song to arrive, I received an email at night on Mothers day which included the link to the personalised song created just for my gran, You can give it a listen here: My Gran's Song - Young at Heart 

When we both listened to it for the first time I was in tears, tears of joy because of how amazing the song is. The lyrics are perfect, the melody is perfect, everything about the song is just... PERFECT. We were both so overwhelmed to say the least and I can't actually believe that my gran now has a personalised song that's just for her. The lyrics weren't written for anyone else, nor the tune, nothing about this song is for anyone else but my gran and to me that's the best present of all. 

Songfinch have really created something amazing here with the concept of their business, personalised songs for you loved ones have got to be amazing, right? I think it's such a unique idea, giving someone something that is completely personal to them but you don't just have to get one for someone else, ever fancied having your own unique song? Then you can definitely get one! Songfinch gives you the ability to have a song made up that follows a story, one that you want to tell wither that's to your intended loved one, friend, or yourself. As I said above, the process is easy and quick. They maintain communication and you will have the song sent straight to your email but not only that, songfinch send you out a card that has the song link in it so if you're giving it as a gift then you can simply fill in the card and give it to the recipient. 

You could get really creative when it comes to giving someone their song, If I had more time I would have burned the song to a CD, Set it up and played it to my gran whilst giving her the rest of her presents. I think the fact that it's a song you're giving as a gift gives you the freedom to decide how you want to gift it to someone, but personally something creative and unique would go perfectly with giving someone a song.

If you would like to purchase a song for someone you can use code GLASGOWFANS for $20 off at checkout! Just head to Songfinch.com

* This whole process was free for purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*
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  1. This is such a good idea! It can be so hard to think of presents every year for Christmas and Birthdays so this is amazing, so different to anything else! I listened to the song you had done for your Gran and it is just so lovely! I bet she was so happy with it x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  2. This is such a lovely, unique gift idea! Absolutely love the sound of this, it's my dad's birthday soon so I'll be having a look about getting one for him!
    Claire xo