Dream Kitchen

A screenshot of the kitchen I created on the John Lewish kitchen planner
I Used the Jon Lewis kitchen planner.

My good friend Katie (Lifewithktkinnes) Has been making up her dream house, rooms and all that sorta stuff recently and after talking to her on twitter about it I just had to get in on this.... THANKS FOR THE IDEA GAL ;) You can read her dream kitchen post HERE

In my mind I have like millions to spend right, so it's only fitting that I make my dream kitchen count! This is what I hope for in the future because it's serious goals for me. All in all I think I have probably spent over £8,000 in my mind easily, If only I had that kinda money right?

So I went for the Metropolitan style kitchen which cost's around £6,999 for the design I have chosen. I like very clean cut modern styles so my dream kitchen would have a breakfast bar and Ideally an island because it would have to be a BIG kitchen as I love to just potter about and cook etc.... the worktops would be Granite Ambrosia White with the rest of the cabinets etc... being matt snow. 

A photo collage of yellow Kitchen appliances

5 Piece pastel Knife set // Yellow Kettle // Yellow Toaster // Yellow Utensils // Yellow bar stools // Yellow Bread Bin // Yellow Bin // Yellow Scales // Marble Chopping Board 

For all the kitchen utensils and bits & bob's I would definitely be going for a yellow or pastel theme because it would really inject all the colour I needed into the place. I love bright and happy spaces so for me these colours would make me smile just being in that room. My personal favourite from this bunch is the round bread bin.. not that is something unusual and I haven't seen that before! 

Photo of grew vinal flooring  COLOURS BLACK PAINTED BRICK

For the flooring I would want a nice stone effect preferably real stone and I would want it to be a little darker but not too dark if that makes sense and if the flooring was that colour I would have a nice grey/black brick on the walls in the kitchen, maybe just on one wall though and the rest a really nice muted grey paint so that I can add all the colour in with accessories. 

So that's pretty much my dream kitchen... very modern, very clean, very bright. I love open plan spaces with lot's of room to sit about and socialise, enough space for me to cook & chill out. The kitchen and bathrooms of a home are my favourites spaces as that's where I feel most content. Maybe I'll do my dream bathroom next....

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  1. Love all those yellow accessories for your kitchen! And your flooring and walls sound like the perfect match for the tone of the place. Can't wait to read your next one! xx

    1. I am so in love with the yellow theme at the moment! Thanks hun! X

    2. I am so in love with the yellow theme at the moment! Thanks hun! X