#GirlCrush Subscription Box

The best new subscription box in town... #GirlCrush

I am a sucker for subscription boxes so when I received an email about the #GirlCrush box I just HAD to sign up. I loved the look of the first one in March which came with work out leggings in it and I was dying to get them but it turns out that I had subscribed that little bit late so I missed out on the March box. I was egar to find out what Aprils held and to my utter surprise I received the leggings that I was so desperately wanting! For me that was the best part, I already got my moneys worth and more with just that item.

The box is £30 for a one off box or £20 to subscribe and get the box each month, but don't worry, you can cancel or put your subscription on hold for a while. I managed to get my first box for £15 though because of a promotion I got in an email, PERFECT! Every month you will receive 6-8 full sized products that is worth up to £150! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!  And 10% of the profits each month will be donated to a charity that us, as the subscribers get to choose! 

What I really love about this box is that it's all products from amazing Girl Bosses! Those women who run their own companies and create their own products, it's an amazing feeling subscribing to a box that is curated with products from women who are complete life goals. Everything about this box is a win for me, Supporting GirlBosses and Charity plus getting amazing things for your money?! YES! Massive tick. 

About #GirlCrush;

The Ethos
There are so many beautiful and innovate brands created by women, some well known, but many are undiscovered, so I decided to start up #GirlCrush - a subscription box that only features products from Girl Bosses. 

With our gift boxes not only will you get carefully curated luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, but you'll also get to know the inspiring women behind the products, hence the name #GirlCrush - the aim is to have you crushing on both the products you receive and the girlies they were created by.

This won't just be another box that arrives on your doorstep every month, it will be a community to champion us girls and all of our fabulous achievements.

All in all I am so impressed with this box it's unreal! I really wish that this month wasn't so busy for me money wise so that I would have been able to keep the subscription up but I will be re-activating in June once all the money things are out the way but having lanzarote on the 11th and then Leeds on the 26th, it's a rather busy month to say the least! But I really urge everyone to give this box a go, you want be disappointed because you are getting soooo much for your money, it's perfect.

Like I do with my Pink Parcel that I get every month, I'll be writing up monthly post's on this subscription box. I'll be starting it back up in June and I really can't wait to see what comes next from #GirlCrush.

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  1. I'm a sucker for a subscription box too! You have inspired me to try this one sometime soon!