My Top Tips for Getting a Tattoo

It's safe to say I am utterly and completely obsessed with tattoos now. I have 10 altogether, ranging from different sizes in different areas. I am by no means a professional on this subject by the way, and if you have any concerns etc... consult your tattoo artist first! But these are some things I've learned over the yeas about tattoos and what works for me truly and completely. Some of them are definitely in the guidelines of getting tattoos but some are my own opinions! I've sat for 6 hours, I've sat for 20 minutes but no matter how long or big the tattoo has been, I swear by these tips.
Getting your first tattoo can be scary, a rush of emotions will flood through you from excitement to butterflies to complete nerves. Heck, when I went for my 10th tattoo I was shaking with nerves! As I said, I've sat for 6 hours before (for my tight piece) and it was a doddle. I didn't feel it, I didn't flinch, nothing and the tattoo artist told me she was impressed because I sat so well. After 6 hours I did start bleeding quite bad so we had to stop and I went back 4 weeks later and sat for an hour getting things filled in and touched up. But I've also got a tattoo on my foot which took 40 minutes to do and OMG no. The pain. Never again. I'll never get another foot tattoo in my life! So for me, that was my limit. Everyone Is different and have different pain thresholds so don't look at someone who's getting a tattoo in the same place as you and then feel embarrassed because you can't sit as long, it's everyone's own experience. Anyway, Let's get onto my tips shall I?

Research your tattooist

I can't stress this enough! Make sure your tattooist is qualified or training in a reputable establishment. Don't get one from someone who has just bought a kit online, that's a big NO NO! I can stupidly say that I've made that mistake. I was young, silly and uneducated about it! Safe to say I'll never EVER make that mistake again. So much can go wrong, infections are a major side effect from not choosing a qualified artist who operates out of a reputable business. Not only is it risky to your health, you can be left with a tattoo that will permanently be on your skin that's a disaster....

Know your design

I mean this one is pretty obvious right? But you really should have a clear idea of what you want and where you want it. It really does speed up the process plus I wouldn't advise getting a spur of the moment one because it's on your skin forever. You have to live with this design for the rest of your life and there's no point in just going for it thinking it will grow on you... (I done that with one on my hip... it has not grown on me and I want it removed so badly)

Take references

If you're going in to see about a tattoo I highly recommend taking some points of reference with you! Not only does it help the tattoo artist but you're more likely to get exactly what you want! You can show them how you want the flowers to look, the style you want, colours, so much! I've spoken to multiple artists who say they are so thankful for people bringing references with them. But do leave it open a little for your tattoo artist to put their own spin on it, it's always nice having a unique piece plus you don't want to rip off anyone's design.

Have a consultation

I mean, walk in tattoos are awesome but before they start getting you ready to get the tattoo, it's always great to have a consultation, especially if it's your first! 8 out of my 10 tattoos have always had separate consultations with them, explaining what I want, where I want it, what to expect etc.... it helps you get to know the artist, how they work, what the conversation will be like and more.

Be prepared

Take fizzy/energy juice with you, Keeping your sugar levels up really helps, especially when it's a long Haul tattoo. Know how long you will be there for and prepare accordingly, maybe ask your tattoo artist what they recommend you bring with you or any preparations you have to make like shaving or such. I suggest taking your ipod/phone with you and headphones so you can listen to music if it's going to be a long one, it helps distract you.

Make sure you eat

Have a meal before you go! Don't go on an empty stomach! Having a mean really sets you up for the whole experience. You're body is going to be going through something that will cause stress to it and having a full stomach can help with the nerves.

Know your limits

Be honest and open with your tattoo artist. When the pain gets too much, stop. Don't push yourself. Your tattoo artist will totally be ok with it because they will be just as concerned about your well being during the whole thing as you are. If you start getting a tattoo and you can't bare the pain maybe you should rethink it. Just remember though everyone has a different pain tolerance so someone may tell you a certain part of your body will really hut and when you get it, you don't feel a thing. This happened to me when getting my thigh done.

Be honest

When a tattoo artist puts the stencil on you, make sure it's what you want. If it's not in a place you're not keen on, let them know! It's ok. I had that problem with my foot one, I didn't speak up and now it's permanent there, in a position I don't like. So I wish I knew it was OK to ask for it to be placed somewhere else, higher up maybe, but just, moved! There's no point in not letting them know if you're not happy with placement, they will be making sure you're 100% happy anyway!

Don't rip off someone's work

Don't take in a picture of someone else's tattoo and ask for it to be the exact same, every single detail. Just, no. Need I say more?

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important. Your body is going to be going through a pretty big deal, well, it is a needle rapidly punching ink Into your skin.... so make sure you take care of yourself whilst there.

Never drink the night before

Don't drink then go for a tattoo.... like... just don't. You'll bleed more, it won't be a pleasant experience and just... no. Also, don't take drugs... again, need I say more?

Make sure you DO follow the after care.

I've always been recommended bepanthen to put over my tattoos and it's been amazing. I always follow the aftercare sheet I get given and make sure I keep the area clean and covered. Don't have your new tattoo in direct sunlight.... it can fade it. 

So there's some things I've learned throughout the years of getting tattoos. I'm NOT a professional and you should ALWAYS ask your tattoo artist about any questions you have, they will be more than happy to oblige!

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