Secret Scent Box

I am obsessed with subscription boxes, I love the thrill of getting something new and I don't know what it's going to be from one month to the next and there seems to be a subscription box for just about anything these days; Beauty, PeriodsProducts from Girl Bosses, Stationary... LOADS! So it's only fitting there's one for perfume right? Well there is and it's called Secret Scent Box which is what i'm telling you all about today. 

Secret Scent box is a monthly subscription box much like Birchbox, Glossybox, Dollibox and more, It costs £15 and each month you get 3 new fragrances to try, each are 3ml bottles of perfume from well known brands (you are getting actual, 100% authentic perfume here!) And little cards that tell you what's in the fragrances which I really like because I can clearly see what type of scents have been added in to create the final fragrance. It's a really nice touch in my opinion, I do like the information cards. The box also feels really personal, like they hand packed it just for me and to me it's not easy to find a company that can pull off the 'Loving Touch' and especially for what this is, it's a simple little black box with three 3ml bottles inside and some information cards... but when you get it, it feels very personal. This box gives you a 30 day supply, they have worked it out like so; 9ml in Total, 4 sprays a day. 

The aim of this box is for you to try 3 different perfumes each month, it means you can really try before you buy in a sense, I think I like the idea so much because it will open my eyes to some fragrances that I wouldn't necessarily choose otherwise but end up loving, like the Paul Smith one. The box is small enough to fit through your letterbox so there is no need to be home to make sure you get this little beauty. 

Secret Scent Box isn't only for women, they also have a male version of the box for aftershave. It's great they have the two different types because it makes it more versatile in the respect that anyone can get this plus it would be a great idea for a gift for someone!

In this box I received Paul Smith Extreme for her, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb in Bloom. Out of the three the Paul smith one was definitely my favourite! I loved the scent & was so gutted when it ran out! So I will definitely be going to purchase a full sized bottle soon.

About the Fragrances

Paul Smith Extreme for Her

This Fragrance brings the joys of fruity and floral notes, designed by the world famous perfumer that is Antoine Maisondieu.

Top Notes; Blackcurrant, Green Tea, Bergamot

Middle Notes; Cassia, Freesia, Lily of the Valley

Bass Notes; Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedari

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb In Bloom

Flowerbomb Bloom launched in early 2017 as a new, airy, fresh and joyful interpretation of the popular original Flowerbomb from 2005.

Top Notes; Mandarin, Pomegranate, Pink Pepper

Middle Notes; Rose, Jasmine, Freesia

Base Notes; Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Oud

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

A fragrance inspired by the exhilaration of falling in love, flushed with pleasure, filled with the thrill of promise and discovery.

Top Notes; Melon, Lychee, Raspberry 

Middle Notes; Jasmine, Water Lily, Chinese Pink Peony

Base Notes; Sandalwood, Musk, Cashmere Wood 

All in all I am impressed with this little box of perfumes, I got a nice array of ones that I haven't actually had the pleasure of smelling before and it keeps my perfume addiction under wraps for now. I think this is a great idea for anyone who's like me and has a little bit of a habit of always buying perfume! I loved everything about this from the beautiful black box to the fragrances inside. When you read that it's only 3ml it doesn't sound like a lot but trust me, it is definitely enough!

£15 Per Month & Free Uk Delivery

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  1. Your photography is on point and fabulous, as always. This is a new discovery for me. I had never heard of this box before. Quite a good concept though! You get to try little doses of different perfume and then eventually buy your fav! xx corinne

    1. Thanks so much! It's such a good idea for trying out new scents x

  2. I agree ^ your photography is amazing! Also, I have never heard of a scent subscription boxe and I love a subscription boxes so I might have to check this out!!

  3. I love the look of this box! I love trying new perfumes but they can be so expensive so this is amazing to be able to try just a little bit before purchasing a full one! Loved your review :)

    Tiffany x

    1. Yeah it's such a good idea for trying new scents, can try before you buy 💖

  4. OOOOOO, perfumes are my favourite! A box I think I might try and enjoy more than any beauty box, love this!

  5. This looks like a really high quality box, all of the packaging is gorgeous! From the scents you received, I think that the Paul Smith Extreme For Her would have been my favourite, as I absolutely love Bergamot! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 💖

    1. Thanks for commenting Abbey! The Paul Smith one really does smell fantastic!

  6. I looooove the photography in this post! This is such a good idea for a subscription box - I love the sound of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb In Bloom, definitely my kind of scent! x

  7. This box sounds awesome, I love the idea of trying different scents. £15 isn't a very good price for what you are getting too. Your photography is on point by the way, nice job! I wish I there was a cheap interiors box with cool home accessories haha!

    1. Thank you for commenting! That would be a great idea for a subscription box!

  8. I usually end up in stores confused over which perfume to buy - getting a box with three different perfumes to try sounds like the perfect solution to test out different ones first before buying the full bottle ones! Of the three I’d have to say Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb in Bloom sounds like it’ll be a quick favorite for me!


  9. What a lovely way to try out new scents without committing to a bottle of something you may not love! That Paul Smith one sounds like it would be my favorite, because I'm such a sucker for green tea anything!


  10. Oh my god! I love this idea. I love subscriptions, and I've been in the market for new perfume. You've inspired me to look into this box or one similar. Eternity Moment sounds divine.

    Breanna Catharina

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed finding out about this box! It's such a great idea for trying new scents 💖