*UkSwimWear Tessy Black and White Jany Swinsuit Review

Birds eye view of the Tessy Black and White Jany Swinsuit on a marble background
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Have you ever gotten swimwear and instantly fell in love with it? Something that makes you feel slamming and like you could strut the run way in it? Well I have, This swimsuit from UkSwimwear has fast became my favourite swimming costume I have ever owned.

Close up Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl wearing the Tessy Black and White Jany Swinsuit

I feel like the opportunity to review this swimming costume came at the perfect time since I was jetting off to Lanzarote and had the prefect platform to test something like this, I could use it for it's intended use to really get a feel for this Tessy Black and White Jany swimsuit and tell you all my thoughts on it. 

When this swimsuit arrived I was instantly taken in by the design of the swimsuit but I was a little scared of the low cut neck line as it's a little more daring thing I've ever had before but as soon as I tried it on I was sold, The neck line is amazing and really slims me down, something that gets a big tick from me. My upper half looks good so what about the rest of me? This simple yet effective black swimsuit with white stripes and 3 small gold broaches really does accentuate my curves in all the right places. I felt like a star in this luxury swimming costume, It doesn't state that it has tummy control but I felt like everything was perfectly kept in place which I never find in anything that doesn't have that but here we are, this costume does the job and does it well. 

The quality of this swimsuit is also absolutely fantastic, The material washes up well, doesn't go out of shape (I've had that happen many of times with swimwear!) and every time I wore this I felt like I was wearing it for the first time again as the stretch and fit was still spot on. The straps are adjustable which I like because I hate hate HATE when swimwear has ill fitting straps... I'm sure we can all relate to that. This little number stayed in place the whole time I wore it, the straps didn't loosen after swimming in the pool and ocean which can sometimes happen especially when you are in pretty big waves for around an hour (I did that and it was AMAZING!) I didn't feel like this swimsuit was cutting in to me at all when ever I wore it which was nice and it was extremely comfortable to wear through out the day under my little dress. 

I really don't have a bad word to say about this swimsuit if I am completely honest. I loved everything about it from how it made me feel to how comfortable it was. This really is my new favourite swimming costume by far and I think I wore it 4 out of the 6 days. After every wash it looked great, none of the broaches came off which was impressive and the over all look of the costume never changed. I think I made the right decision in picking this one to try out. 

Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl wearing the Tessy Black and White Jany Swinsuit

This costume was a great choice for me but there are so many on Ukswimwear that I really wanted because their designs are stunning! Not only do they do swimwear but they have all kinds of beach wear from sarongs to beach bags and everything in between. 

Here are some of my personal favourites;

Bacirubati Batida Poncho // Forever Unique Cruise Floral Maxi Kimono

Gottex Pavone Long Silk Sun Dress // Iconique Cadiz Sun Dress 

David Rangiroa Fosca Bikini // Miraclesuit Miradonna Sauvage Calliope Swimsuit

Photo of Ofaglasgowgirl wearing the Tessy Black and White Jany Swinsuit

All in all I am over the moon with this swimming costume, it's the most expensive one I have ever owned but the quality shines through that's for sure. It's one that will do me year after year (Providing I still fit in it haha) But it's a staple piece that will always be included in my suitcase when I'm jetting off to spend my days by the pool or beach. I think if you have the money then go for it because it will last you in the long run and will definitely get good use from it. UkSwimwear have an array of swimming costumes, bikinis and more like I have outlines above so I'm sure you'll be able to find something that's right up your street. 

All I need to do now is go and book myself another holiday to use this beauty on..... Hey, why not, I only live once right ;)


*I was sent this Swimsuit in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. They look amazing

  2. I love the design of this, the white stripes are so flattering! I’m SO ready to be holidays! x

  3. This looks amazing on you! Serious figure envy over here! Love the look of the tropical bikini too!
    C x

  4. That is gorgeous swimsuit, you look amazing in it! I really like the tropical green bikini, such a lovely print. Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk

  5. Holy smokes Jordanne...you are one STUNNING WOMAN!!! xx

  6. This is a gorgeous swimsuit! So flattering. And you look incredible!

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. Great review! This looks like a great line of swimwear! Too bad it's in the U.K. :(

  8. The design on this is gorgeous, looks so flattering on, book yourself a holiday and show it off!x

    1. I got to show it off on holiday in may, was so great walking about In it!

  9. Looks like they do some absolutely gorgeous beachwear/swimwear pieces, that swimming costume looks amazing on you - tempted to buy one for myself with summer being so close now :).

    Ellie Xx | www.make-it-up.co.uk

  10. Loved your photos of the swimsuit, looks so good on you! Love your tattoo on your thigh!
    Becca // www.beccasloveforlife.co.uk

  11. Girl. Your body is absolutely beautiful!! Great pics and great post! :) I would suggest taking it with you when you go to Florida in September. The weather will be warm enough for y'all to go swimming, so I'd suggest going to a waterpark for a day? Or even the beach?? I know there are some day-trips to Miami from Orlando...just a suggestion!

  12. This looks great on you, I think stripes stripes are a great go to and they can be so flattering! I love you tattoo too!xx