June Advertisers

Hello Lovelies, Today I am telling you all about my lovely Advertisers this month! We have 3 fab Girls here for the Month or June & I'm sure you will fine some new blogs to binge on.

First up is Charlotte from Colours and Carousels. I have read Charlotte's blog since I started actually and I always love her content. Her pictures are bight and very well done, She's serious goals when it comes to her photography. She is a fellow scottish blogger and also has her very own youtube channel, Go check it out & give her follow button a wee hit ;)

Charlotte's Bio - 
"Colours and Carousels is a lifestyle, fashion & beauty blog brought to you by Charlotte – a sarcastic wee Scottish lass hailing from the outskirts of Glasgow with a love for food, felines & Hugh Laurie."
You can view Charlotte's Instagram HERE

Charlotte's Links

Next up we Have Natalie who has only just started blogging! I have had the pleasure of talking with Natalie for a while now and she is such a genuinely nice and caring person. I enjoy all of Natalie's content so it's hard for me to pick a favourite but I really recommend that you go giver her blog a read and maybe a wee follow ;)  

Natalie's Bio - 


You can View Natalie's Instagram HERE

Natalie's Links

Blog; https://gorgeousandgeeky.wordpress.com/

Twitter; https://twitter.com/NatCBenton

Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/gorgeousandgeeky/

Pintrest; Pinterest.com/gorgeousandgeeky

Last but by no means least, We have Lorelei, a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. I am fairly new to her content but I am loving what I see. My favourite post by her's so far is My Spring Morning Routine - 2017. If you fancy reading all her great content or even having a binge on her youtube channel (Which you really should) Then just hit her links below & Give her a follow! 

Lorelei's Bio - 
"My name is Lorelei, I am 19 years old. I created my blog originally as a place to share my love for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle."

You can View Lorelei's Instagram HERE

Lorelei's Links 

Blog; www.loreleiyasemin.co.uk

Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/loreleitimpson

Twitter; https://twitter.com/loreleiyasemin

Instagram; https://instagram.com/loreleiyasemin

Thanks so much to the girls for taking up Advertising spots this month! As some of you may or may not know, I have a GoFund me Campaign for my gran, to take her travelling before her health get's too bad that she won't be able to do things. All money from the Advertising spots each month will be going into that Fund! Currently I'm at a point where there is enough for flights! 

If you fancy taking out a spot with me Advertising then head on over to my Advertising page to get ALL the information. 


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  1. Some great recommendations here! I already follow Colours and Carousels but I'll definitely check out the others <3 xx

  2. This is such a lovely post and I am definitely going to check out some of these recommendations. I love finding out new people xx



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