June Dollibox


Every month I am planning on trying out different beauty boxes just so I can see what's on the market and what you can get for your money, with these beauty boxes I will be doing a post on them to tell you lovely lot what is on offer. This month I decided to go with Dollibox. 

First impressions for me when the box came through the post was that the box was a little on the small side, I felt like for the size you wouldn't be able to get many products in it, not many good ones anyway but then I told myself to have a more open mind about it because I have seen all over Instagram the pictures of this box each month and it always looks super good. After getting out my own head about it I rushed to get the box open and see what goodies were waiting on the inside.

Upon opening the box I was so surprised! I am very happy that the company uses as little packaging as possible, that's something I hate is when it's a little box and millions of packaging, so this has got a thumbs up from me already. Once I started tucking into the goodies I was quite surprised at how many great products were included! For just over £13 I think it's a great investment as you get so many full sized products.

I am really happy with the sun cream because it's a vital thing in the summer and it can be really expensive to buy, the sun cream is a big hit! I'm also loving the mermaid make up brush! that is so gorgeous and I have fallen completely for it, I now need the whole set so that it looks much better in my make-up brush holders haha. The wax melt is a really huge hit with me because it smells FANTASTIC! and it burns really well, I now have to look into this company because I would LOVE to own more wax melts from them.

wax melt

lip balm


Mermaid Make up brush

palmers sun cream


All in all I have really enjoyed Dollibox. The contents have been so amazing and I am in LOVE with the mermaid brush, like look at that brush, it's stunning! For the price it's amazing, I can really see me subscribing to this box full time as I feel it's been so worth it! I really can't wait to get using more of these products and see how well they work.


£10 + P&P

Looking to sign up to Dollibox? 
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  1. I loved my June dollibox! I especially love he mermaid brush and the full sized palmers suncream! Beautiful pictures too!

    Tasha x


    1. It's such a great box this month! Really glad I tried it. X

  2. This looks exciting! That mermaid brush is so pretty! Keep seeing brushes like it and I really need to get some! Love a subscription box :)

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. The mermaid brush is my favourite in the whole bunch! So lovely x

  3. They look really good. Must admit I'm not really into beauty products but you have described the way you feel about the products really well. I think the price is great too because there is a lot there for just over £13!

  4. I have never heard of this box, but I love the products inside! especially the mermaid brush!!


  5. I got this for the first time this month too and I was shocked as well at how much they fitted in that little pink box! I am in love with my mermaid brush but I'm scared to ruin it with makeup!

    1. Same I don't want to use it yet haha it's packed full of great goodies! X

  6. I've never actually had a beauty box before but i always see people posting about them, this box is so cute i desperately want to buy it now! I love hat the packaging is small and compact too!

    Megan Beth

  7. The only beauty boxes I've ever heard of before now was Birchbox and Glossybox, both of which I have subscribed to before. This box looks so good, and the products you get in there for the price is literally unarguable! The sizes of the products are great and the variety is also just as good. You can't go wrong, really!

    - Chloe

  8. Never heard of this box but it looks a lot better value than the one I am currently subscribed to, I might have to switch over! That mermaid brush is fabulous too and you can never have too many lip balms!
    Alice Xx

  9. I've never heard of Dollibox before! I'm definitely going to have to sign up though - it looks right up my street! Palmer's kindly sent me that sunscreen to try out and I love the scent :)

    Louise x

    1. It's such a great box! That sun scream is sooo nice 🖤

  10. Oh damn, there's a lot of handy products included in this box, and can we talk about how stunning that mermaid brush is!

    Kisses and Love
    Jazziepickles xoxo

  11. I had never heard of dollibox before, but now seem to be hearing about it all of a sudden!
    How do you choose a subscription box? There are so many!
    Interesting to know that Palmer's do suncream - love their moisturiser so might try this out! xx

  12. I love Palmer's moisturiser, I didn't know they did suncream - I'll have to check it out :) xxx

  13. It looks like a really good value box! I've not heard of it before so I'll have to look into it. I do tend to prefer the boxes where you pick your own items because I got burned before getting duds from BirchBox haha.

    Beccah xx