Friday, 30 June 2017

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Bonjourjanie

Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Bonjourjanie

1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Joana Bonjour, a 19 years old girl from Portugal. I'm currently a photography student at uni so you can just know right there that photography is a big passion of mine. I consider myself a simple girl who, in 2016 finally learnt that we should give more attention to the people who love, care and surround us and since then, I've been feeling much more confident about myself and what I can do just because I'm letting those ones show me who I really am.
In my free time, I like to dedicate myself to what makes me happy, I'm a music and animals lover and I also love to get out of house and find new places. Bloggin has also become a passion and certainly, something I love to do on my free time, so as finding new bloggers and blogs to read and visit.

2: What is your blog name and how did you come up with it?

My blog name is Bonjour, Janie! and it came up because I wanted something original, simple but that would stay on people's mind. As my second name is Bonjour, I decided that I really wanted to have it in my blog's name. Janie came up because my first name is Joana and once, my best friend called me Janie and voilà! 

3: How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in January 12th 2016, so it's been a year since then. Honestly, right now, I'm very happy that I decided to hit that publish buttom and this year I plan to grow a lot more as a blogger and prepare new and interesting things! Get ready people!4: Who/What Inspired you to start a blog?

It wasn't really someone who inspired me to start blogging. It was actually my passions for fashion and photography. I wanted to share it with the world and I also wanted to have my little space where I could share my interests, share some ideas and experiencies and just be myself.5: Do you have a tip you can share for bloggers?

Don't start blogging just because you want to be famous or receive things from partnerships. Blog because it makes you happy. It takes time to grow your blog so don't give up in the first months. Keep going, keep giving your best and most important, write your own content about your passions and interests, it will be easier and it will make you happier with it. Be original, be you on your blog. It's your little space on the huge internet world.

6: Tell us a random fact about yourself.

This is actually really random but I hate spiders and snikers, and my boyfriend loves to spend his free time making fun of me because of it.

7: How do you find inspiration for your posts?

All my readers and followers know just how much I love to find new blogs and read new and different posts, so when I have time, I like to search for new blogs and see new posts and slowly, new blog posts ideas come up to my mind. Also, I like to write some ideas and points of views about what happens in my life.8: Describe your Dream Holiday;

Let's dream: Me, my best friends, my boyfriend, brother and mum spending two (let's keep it easy) amazing weeks enjoying the great weather and the paradise that Bali is, while, with my camera always in my hand, I take photos of everything that appears in front of me, what will work as happy memories and also as chocolat when we would be missing it like hell!9: Out of everything you have blogged about so far, do you have a faviourite post?

Through the year of 2016 I was still searching for the main topics of my blog and in the last months I noticed that they might be fashion, lifestyle and photography tips so, this year I'lll totally focus on these topics and, until now, the posts that I liked to write the most might have been the first one of the year, this one - .

10: What are your links, where can we find you?

You can find me on all my social media accounts. On Twitter I love to talk with bloggers, share random and personal things and be part of bloggers group chats. On my Facebook page you can find some pictures of my daily routine, and on Instagram, lots and lots of pictures!

Snapchat: joanabonjour

Quick Fire Round;

Boat or Plane?
 Do I have to choose?
 I can't, I'm probably too scared of both (although I've been on a boat lots of times...)?
Flats or Heels? 
It depends on the days or occasions but, flats.
Massage or Nap?
Fizzy Juice or Fruit Juice? 
Fruit juice
Sun or Moon? 
Night in or Night out?
Night in
Mcdonalds or KFC?
Starbucks or Costa?
Chocolate or Sweets?
Dvd or Streaming?

Drop by next week for another installment of #MeetTheBeauties Interview series.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity of being interviewed by you. Loved to answer your questions honey!

    1. Thank you so much for taking part 💖

    2. Thank you so much for taking part 💖