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Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Sweetsandmascara

1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there! I am Jordan, I am 21, almost 22. I live in California where I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Communications- Journalism. My passion is to write and that is the very reason, among a few others, that I decided to start a blog this year. I thought it would be a challenge, but also somewhere to be able to write down what I love as well as share some tips and secrets with the world and get advice. I love to travel, I love to style, and I am a huge sports girl. I hope that I learn a lot from blogging and gain tons of blogging friends.

2: What is your blog name and how did you come up with it?

My blogs name is Sweets and Mascara. I came up with it because I wanted to do a play on Coffee and Lipstick, but something more unique. I came up with sweets because of the sweetness in style and beauty. Mascara is a nod to makeup, but also to the catch phrase for my blog of never let anything ruin your mascara. The reason for this is to play on the phrase never let a boy cause your mascara to run, describing the lifestyle and advice part of the blog.

3: How long have you been blogging?

I am pretty new, I started January 1st, 2017 officially. 

4: Who/What Inspired you to start a blog?

My professors all encouraged me to start a blog as a way to gain experience in writing for becoming a journalist. They also stated that it is a good way to network. I started it more for myself though, as a place to gather my thoughts.

5: Do you have any tips you could share for other bloggers?

Write for yourself. Never try to write what you think others want to hear, but what you have to say. Your opinion matters too. This is some of the biggest advice I have gotten in school and what I have used it in my blog as well as in my life.

6: Tell us a random fact about yourself;

I'm an only child, left handed, and drink too much coffee.

7: How do you find inspiration for your posts?

Lately I have been inspired by music and television. This has inspired many of my posts, but I am also inspired by what I am planning to accomplish and do this year.

8: Describe your Dream Holiday;

My dream holiday would probably be to spend the day inside with snow outside, sitting by a fire, spending time with friends and family.

9: Out of everything you have blogged about so far, do you have a favorite post?

My favorite post so far is what I learned in 2016. I like it because it allows me to see how much I have grown and what I have learned in the past year. It shows I have matured and become an adult. 

10: What are your links, where can we find you?

Quick Fire Round;

Car or Train? 
Dress or Jeans? 
Cats or Dogs? 
Both? I can't pick just one lol
Coffee or Tea?
Fiction or Non fiction?
Night in or Night out?
 Night Out
Chinese or Indian? 
Stripes or Polkadots?
Night or Day? 
Relaxing holiday or Adventure Holiday? 
Relaxing Holiday 

Drop by next week for another installment of #MeetTheBeauties Interview series.

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  1. Great post and answers - love this idea of your series where you give other bloggers a chance to show themselves too - that's really supportive of you! :)
    - www.roisinslatest.com

    1. Thank you so much, I love this series because it's great to get to find out more about the bloggers and their blog 💖