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Festival Survival packs

The season of festivals is upon us, There is loads going on and although we have already seen like likes of Download and Glastonbury happen there are still loads more to go like T in the park, Cornbury Boomtown and loads more, so naturally everyone will be looking for those MUST haves, you know like the plasters, dry shampoo, wipes and all that. Well today I'm telling you all about the Festival packs from

I was lucky enough to be able to choose some festival packs to review and tell you all about so I chose their festival packs one and two. Let's talk about pack one first which cost's £7.99. 

In this pack you get;

  • Quickies Deodorant 12 Wipes
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo On The Go Tropical 50ml
  • Savlon Fabric Plasters With Antiseptic Pad 40
  • Dextro Energy Orange +Vitamin C 47g 14 Tablets
  • Chapstick Flavaz Craze SPF15 3 Flavours
You get all the basics that you need for a festival like dry shampoo (YES! MUST HAVE) Dry Shampoo really is a god send at festivals because it can make your hair last the whole time without having to wash it, personally it gives me 3-4 days wear, so this is a saviour at festivals. You also get plasters which is always handy, I know that every time I go away I forget to buy them and end up having to pick them up on holiday so buying this pack would be perfect as you get essentials in it. I must say though, personally I think these packs would be great for both festivals or holidays, even weekends away because it's packed with little things you would need. I think the best thing in this pack though is the Dextro Energy + Vitamin C tablets because they could be extremely useful. It's important to take care of yourself where ever you are and at a festival you may be too busy enjoying yourself and burning your energy so these little tablets will be your best friend. I love the deodorant because that's an obvious necessity plus the chapstick will be a god send to your lips, gotta keep them in perfect condition ;)

    To be honest, for £7.99 this pack is amazing, you get so many goodies that you will most definitely need at the festival and it's much easier buying them all together rather than secretly.

    Festival Pack 2 - £14.79

    • Savlon Fabric Plasters With Antiseptic Pad 40
    • Wisdom Medium Travel Toothbrush
    • Quickies Eye Make-Up Remover Pads - 30
    • Dextro Energy Blackcurrant + Vitamin C 14 Dextrose Tablets 47g
    • Smint Original Mints Sugar Free 8g
    • Oral Rehydration Salts Blackcurrant Flavour 12 Soluble Tablets
    • Hair Bobbles - Assorted Blue
    • Hairgrips - Black
    Next up is pack two which has some more must have's in it. Like pack one you get plasters and Energy tablets which are pretty much essential to any pack you would want. I love that in this pack you get a travel toothbrush with a pack away handle and ventilated case for hygiene, it's the perfect size to take away with you. Speaking of your mouth, you get mints in this pack to keep your breath minty fresh which we all need. I love that you get eye make up remover pads in this one because I know that after a full day of partying away, rocking out to music and having an all round fab time you really cannot be bothered and you just wanna climb into your sleeping bag/ bed, what ever and sleep so these pads make it super easy to take off your eye make-up, PERFECT. In this one you also get some Rehydration soluble tablets which is VERY important when you're at a festival as it can be so easy to forget and these tablets are just perfect. At any festival you need hair ties and grips, I mean if you have long enough hair to use them you really are going to NEED them, I know I do, so these are one of the core parts of this pack for me, I always need some bobbles and hair grips, it's a must.

    These Festival packs really are fantastic and I think that for the price you can't go wrong, especially if you are buying more necessities from because they really have so many everyday products on their site at great prices! I managed to pick up some goodies from their website and although I did get a gift voucher to spend from them I ended up putting my own money in as well because there were loads of wee knickknacks that I just had to HAVE! I was really surprised at the amount of products they do actually carry like Victoria secrets mists, Garnier products, Batiste dry shampoo and more! I was really pleased with the over all experience I had when it came to ordering what I wanted, the prices were good and delivery was quick plus when I received the stuff all the bottles had sellotape around the top to avoid any spillage which I liked.

    So if you're looking for festival packs, things for holiday of everyday items then head on over to to have a wee nosy and see what you can pick up.

    *I did receive a gift voucher for these products but I als8o bought some of my own things that I wanted because I was more than happy to get things I needed. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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    1. These festival packs look amazing! So perfect aswell for a little weekend away or holiday, there is always stuff I forget so definitely going to consider these in future! Plasters are a must have for a festival and I also love the look of the chapstick!

      Tiffany x

    2. The second pack is definitely something i'd purchase, it'd make a perfect addition to any overnight bag!

      Good Post!

    3. These are such a great idea! They would be perfect for my holiday next year as well, loving those deodorant wipes...great post my lovely x

    4. Dry shampoo is seriously the ultimate need for festival vibes! saved me from Hagrid hair so many times! x
      Lola Mia //

    5. I have never been to a festival in my life before but I might go to Bestival in September so this post is just on point! Dry shampoo sounds like a must! xx corinne

    6. Never been to a festival before but we can only imagine how much stuff you'll need and you've got a great set there! Do love a good dry shampoo!

      Jessica & James | /

    7. These packs both look amazing and I definetely think the deodorant wipes sound amazing and like a great little thing!

      Kayleigh Zara 🍁

    8. Love those little festival packs, they would be perfect for a weekend away! Batiste is my life saviour!!

      Fab post lovely!

      Love, Melissa x

    9. These are brilliant! Such a great idea as well! Perfect items especusllu

    10. What a wonderful idea these festival packs are! I also always forget to bring bandaids and wind up buying them on vacation. It costs about as much as one of these entire packs does! These are definitely a smart buy.


    11. Wow these look so good. When I was going to my first festival a week after my 18th my sister gave me a festival survival pack she had put together. It contained all the useful things such as plasters and patacetamal but also vodka and sweets.

    12. These packs are perfect! Reminds me of something I would pick up for Silverstone, they are in the perfect market. We always forget at least something and having a company do it for you is perfect! I'm definitely going to check them out.

      Gemma |

    13. This is such a cool idea, means you won't forget those festival essentials!

    14. These festival packs are such a great idea I don't know if we have them in the netherlands! Makeup wipes and dry shampoo is definitely a must !
      Xoxo Annaleid

    15. Those are such a great idea! I've never been to a festival myself but I know that it would be so handy, you're bound to forget one of the things in the packs, and they're so cheap too! xx

    16. I can't say that I'm a festival person, but this was a very unique idea for a blog post Jordanne! X

    17. Such a good idea to have little survival kits, I'm sure lucky festival go-ers will find this super helpful

    18. This looks like such a good little pack! definitely going to check this out when I go to my next festival, so thank you for sharing!

      Sophia xo //

    19. What a great idea, I'm sure that these are incredibly useful for festivals! I mean, who can live without dry shampoo?? They'd be great for just regular camping too - I'm going "glamping" in the Lake District this summer and I'm sure that these products would still come in super handy!

      Abbey 💓

    20. These packs are wonderful, if I ever was to go to a festival I would definitely be looking at these packs, the prices are reasonable and I feel like I would be saving money buying them in a pack like this, I want to buy one now even if I'm not going to a festival!

    21. These sound great! Just wish I'd had them for Leeds!

    22. I loooove posts like these! So clever! I'd just buy the lot! I'm that type of person that carries everything around in my bag that I could possibly need on a daily basis! 😂🙈

    23. This is a brilliant idea from! I think first-time festival-goers would really benefit from picking up a festival pack especially. I had no idea what to take the first time I ever went to one!

      Louise x

    24. I think this is a really great list, and probably more people should be aware of it! It's funny that this is for festival packs, since I usually carry almost all of this in my purse haha. Great post! <3