Preparing for Autumn


I adore summer, the sun, the day's out, being able to do more outdoor activities and more! But here in Scotland that doesn't seem to last very long and before I know it we are back to harsh winds, rain and just generally miserable weather days. But in preparation for all this I want to know that my feet will be kept lovely and warm, That's where these socks from The Sock Shop Come in.

I absolutely hate it when my feet are freezing in the cold weather, it always makes me feel miserable so I like to have big fluffy ones on but sometimes It gets too constricting. These Gentle Grip socks that are made for comfort with a wool blend will be perfect for keeping my tootsies nice and warm. They have a Thermal wool blend together with their famous HoneyComp top so that you can have both comfort and warmth. 


Their honeycomb top carefully moulds to the contours of your leg meaning there are no nasty constricting rings (I mean how horrible are they?! I always hate how that feels) To me this is just the perfect sock, I always hate putting some on and by the end of the day I feel like the blood circulation in my ankle is cut off! I have wore these a few times now and I really can't fault them for comfort. These socks are also Non Binding which helps to avoid restriction and pressure hot spots, This will be hella handy! 


One thing I always hate about socks is when you find a pair you love, you wear them when you can and then the heel ends up rubbing away (I'm looking at you here boots!) I always find that when I wear a good pair of boots the heels rub away so fast and that's annoying but these have strengthened heel's and toes for durability.

I really don't have a negative about these socks, they are comfy and I actually can't wait to put them to use in the cold cold weather to see how they fair up. So if you're looking for some good socks this winter then why not check these out.

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  1. These look good! I'm already so excited for autumn and can't wait to be layering up and getting warm! These look like they'd be perfect under boots when the cold weather hits x

    Tiffany x

  2. So many people seem to be excited for autumn already but I'm keen for summer to stay as long as possible hehe! I am actually in the market for some new socks for autumn as I usually wear thick walking socks in my boots, regular socks just slide off my feet somehow!! These sound ideal so I'll certainly be checking out their website!

    Abbey 🌻