The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

I want to start off by thanking Heather from for tagging me to do this. I have already done this tag before which you can read here; The Liebster Award. I chose to just go ahead and do this again as the questions are different and I love them. So lets get to this shall we? 

So the rules are answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who tagged you then tag 11 bloggers to do this as well and give them 11 new questions and always thank the person who tagged you. 

1. Who influences you the most in the world?

I would say it's got to be my Gran because shes strong and amazing. 

2. Where would you rather live, countryside or city?

See I love both the countryside and the city, in a perfect world I would live in the country side that's not too far from the city then I would have the best of both worlds.

3. What is your dream job and why?

I would LOVE to be a professional photographer, I am working my way up towards it by taking courses, getting qualifications under my belt and going back to collage to further my possibilities. I just love living through a camera lens and seeing the world in different lights so that's why I would love it as my job.

4. What do you do to relax when its been a stressful day?

I have a big long soak in a bubble bath and just pamper myself. 

5. What is your favourite meal?

I LOVE to make a chicken wrap, it's my own recipe and I've mastered it now so it's my favourite thing to cook.

6. Where is your favourite holiday spot?

I really love porto cristo in majorca. It's stunning there.

7. What is your favourite colour?

Pink, I LOVE pink.

8. There’s been a flood in your house, you have time to grab 5 items. What would they be?

My cat, My laptop, My phone, My make up and My camera.

9. How do you want to improve yourself over the next year?

I want to start working out more, I really want to become healthier. I am also working towards beating my depression and kicking anxieties ass. 

10. What do you do in your spare time?

I love to chill out with my friends and go to gigs or take my little boy out, play with him and just generally do things that I enjoy.

11. What is your piece of advice to new bloggers?

Get involved. Do twitter chats, use RT accounts, get to know other bloggers! It will really help in the long run.

My Questions for the next 11 bloggers;

1: If you could go anywhere in the world right no, where would it be and why?
2: Who is your favourite Disney villain?
3: What's your favourite childhood memory?
4: Whats your favourite social media platform?
5: If you were to have two dogs what would their names be and what breed would they be?
6: What's your favourite tv show? why?
7: If you could marry anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
8: What's your goals for the rest of the year?
9: What's been your biggest lesson you've learned since you started blogging? 
10: If you could travel back in time to witness any event, what would it be and why?
11: What's your top 3 must have products? 

I tag;

I can't wait to read all the girls posts that I tagged!

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  1. I love these posts! Great tips for new bloggers, you really can't wrong if you get involved, it's such a big help xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush