The Perfect Night in

I don't know about you but I just love a night in, I enjoy my nights out but I am much more of a movie and games night kinda gal, I like to plan my nice night's in a day or two ahead so that I know I'll have complete peace when Leon's away to sleep. 

So what does my perfect night in consist of? Well I have a little ritual I like to do, Normally these nights take place when Leon is with his dad because then I have the whole night to just chill out and do what I like so I'll start off by going for a bath, popping a lush bath bomb in and relaxing for a while before getting out, getting into my pj's plus freshly made bed and curling up to watch a good Horror Or comedy. Now my night's in are pretty much perfect anyway but can you imagine how much better it would be with one of the 4K TV Panasonic ones? Ehm... YES! I would just LOVE that, my viewing experience would be so much better, just pair that with some surround sound and you have the perfect combo for a great night of movies. 

A night in wouldn't be complete without snacks! I would normally order a Chinese or have a pizza with some crisps, probably cheese and onions plus some Refreshers Ice-lollies. I like to make sure i'm stocked up so that once I'm all cosy and comfy I don't have to move. 

When i'm watching the films I like to also get a little creative so I tend to do my nails as well to feel a little pampered plus I'll stick on a face mask. Nights in are all about feeling chilled and pampered in my world, doing things I enjoy, having some real "Me" time without feeling guilty about it.  

Creating my relaxing atmosphere is a big thing, I will light so many candles to give that nice relaxing glow plus I will stick on my wax burner with some utterly gorgeous smelling wax, normally I go for one from Yankee candle but lately I have been loving some from Flamingo candles or Soya wax melts, their scents are beyond words. Candles for me really are something I need to feel relaxed, I love the glow they have and how they instantly destress me, not sure why they do but I love them, my collection is forever growing! 

What's your perfect night in?

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  1. Quite similar to mine I usually like to do a marathon watching movies (including the bad one), shows or play video game all night while pampering myself while eating Ben and Jerry ice cream and some pizza.

  2. You can't beat a night in, in front of the TV with a takeaway! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I like nights in sometimes and I totally agree about the snacks!

  4. My perfect night is very similar to yours! I love having a bath and a face mask then hopping into bed and watching loads of shows


  5. This would pretty much be my perfect Netflix night in, nothing beats a binge watching marathon and a takeaway and maybe some popcorn! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌻✨

    1. Thanks for commenting 💖 I love a good marathon! I'm right into once upon a time right now

  6. This is literally my perfect evening in.

    A good netflix binge, takeway, read a book in the bath, paint my nails and relax :)

    Laura -

  7. glad it isn't just me who's candle obsessed, doesn't feel like home without a candle on x