August Pink Parcel

Hello lovelies, Today I am back with another Pink parcel post, This time it's all about August's box. I will say this now, I am extremely impressed with the products this month.

This month I got;
  • Night pads 
  • Daily Pads
  • Panty liners 
  • Mini bag for handbag with pads and panty liners
  • SportFX Cool down Primer + Recovery Gel
  • Evoshave handheld Razor
  • Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea 
  • Nails INC Gel Effect Nail Polish (Yellow)
  • Native Unearthed Deodorant Balm 
  • Silvina's Nature Raspberry & White chocolate crowns
  • PHIZZ Re-hydration vitamins and Minerals. 
  • Vitamasque Fruit Slice mask (Kiwi) 

All these products looked amazing as I was taking them out of the box, With each one saw a new "WOW" and I soon found my favourite. For the past two weeks I have been using the Primer and Recovery gel and I must say, This is my new go to because it really is amazing. It feels like a dream when you put it on your skin, the cooling effect is fantastic plus my make up stayed in place ALL day... I have been using this when ever I do my make up and I have noticed that come 6pm my face still looks fresh and as if I have just put my make up on. This is hands down my favourite product from the selection. 

I have also been using the Nails INC Yellow Nail polish... I LOVE the colour. It is so stunning on, drys super fast and I just really like how bright and summery it is, even if we are having tons of rain at the moment, this brings some sunshine to my life. The only con with this is that if you don't use a base coat then your nails will be stained yellow and look absolutely horrible.... I currently have this product as I am typing this... I am looking down at my nails on the keyboard and all I see is "Dirty" looking nails, Not a good look. But apart from that I do like the nail polish.

I haven't tried any of the other products yet but I am really interested in trying the 
Vitamasque Fruit Slice mask (Kiwi), I think that will be so relaxing, perfect for any pamper night and I really can't wait to tuck into those Raspberry & White chocolate crowns.

All in all I am impressed with this months box. There are plenty of products that I will most definitely use and have been using. This will be my last Pink Parcel for a couple of months as I just have so many pads etc... that it's starting to really build up and I just want to get through a bit of it before reactivating my Subscription box.

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1 comment

  1. This months box looks fab! I still really want to subscribe to this but I'm currently with birchbox and can't justify spending money on two boxes a month! Love the nail polish, nails inc is such a good brand too so amazing that was included x

    Tiffany x