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There is literally a Subscription box for everything these days and your animals have NOT been left out. Today I am here to talk to you all about The CatHampurr Subscription box. 

My little cat Is going to be 16 years old in march next year... Hes getting on a bit in life so I love to make sure he's as comfortable as possible even though he does still act like a kitten at the best of times. I love treating him to different things wither that be a new toy, exciting new treats or even a new bed (My cat goes through soooo many beds it's unreal) So getting the chance to work with CatHampurr is a bit of a dream for me. 

The box I was sent was their August Subscription box which has 7 products in it, perfect for any cat. What I'm going to do now is go through the products I received; 
  • Kong Scrattles Toy
  • Natural Nosh Duo Bites
  • Applaws Tuna Loin 
  • Iams Naturally wet food x2
  • Toplife Milk
  • Cuddle Cushion 

Everything in this box is fantastic in my opinions, Teddy has been LOVING playing with his Kong & Cuddle cushion. He's never really been a cat that plays with toys a lot as he never really got peace to do so, We had a dog called Lilly (R.I.P My little baba ) and she would always want to play with his toys as well with him so he gave up and then leon came along and he's the exact same, he wants to play with with Teddy but Teddy can't be bothered with that but this time Leon's kind of over the whole "play with the cat" thing so he's been enjoying playing with these around the house (Constantly getting them stuck places and meows for me to get them back haha) But he's loving actually being able to play with these. The Cuddle cushion has him rolling about the floor like mad, he bites it and licks it plus throws in it the air... He's obsessed with it although when I first opened it I was not impressed with the scent as you will see in my Unboxing video haha but it's perfect for cat's, obviously the scent draws him to it. These toys have been getting used pretty much everyday and they still look new... how this is possible I don't know but it just shows how good the quality of these are. 

My Cat's never been a fan of milk so this will be fun to try for him, I've not used it yet but I can't wait to, If he likes it then RESULT! I'll have a new treat for him every once in a while. The tuna loin though.... TEDDY LIVED FOR IT. Legit, he was going mad as soon as the packet was opened and we used it for two dinners, He ate the lot... I was really impressed with this so that's a big thumbs up for me. The duo bites... These have been a bit of a miss for him, he's really not fussed with them and has only ate about 3 or four but I think for a cat that likes these types of treats then they will be perfect, my cat just doesn't like them. I've also only tried one of the wet food packets so far, he eats Iams anyway so we just mixed it in with his dry food and he ate the lot... He always loves to get wet food as it's seen as a treat for him, the vet has advised us that he shouldn't get it too often but that's another story for another time so it is literally only a few times a year he gets it so I understand why he goes mad for it. I really like that we were sent Iams though because it's the same make as his food so that made me feel a little better about giving it to him. 

All in all I think this is such a fantastic box for your kitty. My cat has LOVED pretty much everything included, his favourite is the KONG toy though, He just loves that and although the Cuddle Cushion smells AWFUL, My cat loves it and that's the main thing. After an hour the smell did dissapear (THANK GOD!) So it didn't bother me any more. I must say, I am impressed and I think this would be such a great monthly treat for the cat in your life.
So if you have a cat or even know someone who has (You can get gift boxes, I am definitely getting Teddy one for Christmas) Then go check Cathampurr out.

Subscribe from just £8 per month!

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*I received this box from Cathampurr in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. What a clever idea, I think my cat would love this. I had no idea you could get cat subscription boxes X