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[AD/Gifted] Today's post is all about the Lunch'n'Learn session at The Avenue shopping centre in Newton Mearns I attended. This Lunch'n'learn session was all about gardening with key speakers Sallie Sillars (Scotland's Gardener of the year) and Louise Bustard (From Glasgow's Botanic Gardens). 

The event took place in the heart of the shopping centre with lovely rows of chairs all placed out and goodie bags to accompany. There were some light refreshments that were supplied by M&S so you know it's the good stuff! All of which tasted very nice I have to say. I decided to sit near the back row in centre seats so that I would have a very good view of the front plus it would really help with pictures. It was nice just sitting waiting for the event to start, seeing everything being set up and the key speakers getting their stuff ready with Sallie Sillars coming round and talking to everyone individually, it felt really personal, they made sure you felt valued.

First up to speak was Sallie Sillars who won Scotland's Gardener of The Year. Sallie was talking us through Succulents, you know those little plants all us bloggers seem to love because they make amazing blog props, even if some of them are fake. I decided to invest in one and try my hand at keeping it alive, it was only £2 in Ikea so it would have been rude not to so this talk from Sallie was very welcomed in my life! I need to know more about these beautiful plants, maybe I will venture into buying more now. 

Her talk was very educational and at the end I was able to ask some questions about the type of soil to use etc... and she was so nice and very helpful, such a pleasure to meet. During Sallie's talk she was demonstrating how to make lovely centre piece with succulents and the different ways you can do so, my ultimate favourites were the ones in the glasses, I thought they looked so beautiful and definitely perfect for any home interior. The whole talk was eye opening and I feel like I really learned a lot about these beautiful plants, if the aim of this session was to be educational then they definitely succeeded.

Next up was the talk from Louise Bustard who works at Glasgow's Botanic Gardens, it's such a beautiful place and if you haven't been yet then I suggest you go because you will be wowed! I also learned that they have the biggest bamboo!! How cool is that? Anyway, Louise talked about how plants effect us in life every single day in ways we probably don't even realise. She had some amazing things with her to show us which was kind of like show and tell... I was INTRIGUED! During the whole talk I was hooked on her every word, learning about different plants and how they are used in life and how they were used many years ago. Louise also brought a huge fungus with her which was used to sharpen blades way back when and the thing felt really cool, it was passed along the audience so we could have a feel at it, I love how interactive this was.

I found the talk by Louise really educational to say the least, learning about all these different uses for plants, how certain things are made and how it impacts us from day to day life was such an eye opener, it was things I've never really thought about before if I'm honest. One part that I found both intriguing yet a little disturbing was how the casing from a nut was used to trap monkeys hands so that the hunters could then shoot them for dinner... A little morbid I know but fascinating new information all the same.

This Lunch'n'Learn session is the first of many by The Avenue Shopping Centre, they are thinking of doing a lot more based on different things which I think is fantastic because it really gets the community involved in doing something new and learning at the same time plus it's free! How amazing is that? I really think sessions like this are such a great idea because it's always good to learn something new and pick up some tips & tricks along the way. There was talk of a food one to come which means I obviously have to go... who doesn't love themselves some food?! And if I can learn a little more about cooking or the likes then I am all up for that. 

I really liked how friendly everyone was, it was nice to see the organisers getting involved and speaking to people rather than shying away into the background and watching it all happen. The atmosphere was so relaxed and you didn't even realise you were in the middle of the shopping centre watching this, well I never anyway. I was really hooked on everything that was being said, hanging off every word because I genuinely wanted to learn, I wanted more knowledge and I certainly got that.

This was such a success in my eyes, For it only being their first it was well put together, everyone was lovely and it was a great time to say the least. Maybe gardening isn't for everyone but everyone would have learned something from this I'm sure, something they could take away with them and now know for life (If any questions come up about the stuff Louise bustard told us in a pub quiz, I'm winning

I just want to say thank you to The Avenue for having me, I really did have a great time, the whole day was spent there and I genuinely enjoyed myself to say the least.

To keep an eye out on what's happening around the centre then head to their website which has all their up coming events.

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  1. That sounds fab. I wish there was more nearer to me like this as I'd love to go. Thanks for sharing x

  2. This looks fab! we never have stuff like this is Aberdeen, hope you had a good day xxx

  3. That sounds like something i'd like and I can't believe it was free!
    Hopefully they'll do some in other cities!

  4. Oh wow what a fun event to go to. I would love to garden more I more is always telling me I should (she's a huge gardener) glad you had a great day!

  5. Wow sounds like a fab event to attend! Glad you had a great time.

    Love sophie

  6. It seems like you had a great time there! x
    Lauraconteur ♥

  7. This looks like such a lovely day. I've never attended an event like this and I'm not the biggest fan of gardening but I think even I'd enjoy this! Those succulents look so nice, really want to get myself some! x

    Tiffany x

  8. I love offline events, they take you to a whole new level. :)
    x finja ~

  9. Sounds like a fabulous event. Wish they did things like this from Birmingham Botanical garden

  10. Sounds like a great event. I can't imagine it being in a centre though! X
    Lola Mia //