Fred's Box

Recently I received a Fred's box to review which is an awesome subscription box for kids! I was super excited to be reviewing this as I knew Leon was just going to love it (he does, he's been obsessed with the sticker book and the cards!) I think it's an amazing idea to have a box for kids, they deserve post as well, don't they?

Fred's box was set up in January 2017 by Fred who is 7 years old (He also had some help from his mum) The whole concept is for other children to get some amazing goodies in the post just for them. 

The box I received was designed my Marlo at Fred's Box and it's filled with amazing goodies that any kid is going to love!  

Contents of this box:

  • 4x Design your own postcards
  • Pencil 
  • Disney Cars mini racer 
  • Despicable me trading cards
  • Fun Little Creations crayons
  • DC Comics mini Top Trump cards
  • Snap Bracelet 
  • Lion and the Mouse book
  • Marvel Sticker Book 

Leon has loved playing with his goodies in Fred's box, as soon as he opened it his eyes lit up! When I first received this box, it was extremely hard to try and photograph, Leon clocked it straight away and kept asking what it was haha but I managed to hide it for a couple of days, tape it back up and told him it came in the post for him when he got back from nursery (Thankfully he believed me!) 

His favourites from this box are the Disney cars mini racer (He is Disney cars daft!), He also loves the despicable me 3 cards and the top trump cards, he keeps telling me he's special because he has them which is just super cute! I've also read The Lion and the Mouse to him a few times, he seems to really like this one at bed time.

Leon's ultimate favourite from this bundle though is the sticker book, Leon LOVES sticker books at the best of times but when he seen it was a super hero one? He instantly fell for it and has been sticking them everywhere.

This box has been amazing for Leon, he keeps saying he's just like mummy now (I tend to get a lot of boxes through) and he is just taken by this, I think every few months I am going to get him one and put it away for his treats he gets when he gets all his stickers for the month. This box is a fantastic idea, with there being subscription boxes for everything these days it's no wonder that kids get one too, it just makes sense in my opinion.

All in all, I think this is a fantastic subscription box for kids! it's amazing they can get some post just for them filled with amazing goodies. Fred's box has an array of different boxes you can get for your little one so I really suggest checking them out, they whole website is great, you're bound to find something for your little superstar.

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*I received this box in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. Fab review thank you, and so glad you liked it :)

  2. Oh wow, I'm not surprised Leon loved this box - it seems perfect! And I love the whole concept of this box; why should it only be the parents who can get subscription boxes?