Getting my skin ready for Autumn with Magnitone Pore Perfection

Since getting my Magnitone welcome pack into their ambassador programme I have been using their Pore Perfection brush heads instead of the standard one that comes with the Bareface. So today's post is all about these new brush heads I have been using. I received this product as part of the Magnitone Brand Ambassador programme but all opinions are my own.

Before I start my review here's some information about the Pore Perfection brush heads.
"Over summer, our pores can become congested, causing breakouts. This beauty has a cross-section of dual layer bristles, designed to combat excess oil, clogging SPF and pollution to let your summer skin breathe." 

Since I have started using these brush heads I must admit, I haven't seen a HUGE difference in my skin but I feel that may be down to the fact I have gotten my skin to such a great place now because I used the bareface and the standard brush head that came with it every day anyway but don't get me wrong, I do feel my skin gets a good, deep clean with these brush heads.

One thing I want to point out though is that the more I have used these brush heads the more I have noticed how abrasive they really are to the skin, I started off using these brush heads every day, morning and night but I soon realised this wasn’t the best choice for my skin as these brush heads give you a deep cleanse. I felt my skin being deeply cleansed which was amazing but using them every day proved too much for my skin to handle so now I’m going to be using these maybe twice a week.

Since using these brush heads my skin hasn’t been breaking out as bad thankfully! I really like that when it came to my periods my skin didn’t break out majorly this time so that’s a win, right? My skin always looks glowing after using any of my brush heads but after using the pore perfection ones my skin seems to glow even more, does this make sense? haha.

All in all, these brush heads get two thumbs up from me. Now that I know not to use them twice daily because my skin can’t handle it I feel that I have the perfect routine for my skin personally and I get the best out of my Magnitone products. I would really recommend these for anyone who wants a deep cleanse on their skin, if you have problems with breakouts and your pores need a good cleansing then give these a try!

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  1. Oh these sound fab! I might look into giving them a go in the near future. I deffo suffer with congested skin, and always looking for that perfect product to just wip my skin back into shape!

    Shona Marie xo

  2. These sound amazing, I really like that it hasn't bought your skin or especially during periods that's really amazing - it must really work! I might have to buy one to try x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. I love posts on skin care products because I have an obsession with my skin especially on my face.I go to the dermatologist and peel,freeze or whatever I need to do to get it looking the best it can haha. I have used these brushes before and yes twice a day was a bit abrasive for me as well. once a day however, I did feel like I was glowing! ! Great post.Love how it scrubs by itself haha

  4. Cleansing pores is so so important. And these brush heads are indeed a good choice :)

  5. I have the Bare Magnitone Bareface and find it does such a good job at cleaning my skin, but I'm terrible at using it regularly lately. I really like the sound of the Pore Perfection brush heads.

    Kristy |

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! I liked that you were honest about how abrasive they were on your skin and therefore you wouldn't recommend using them every day. Thanks again :)

  7. As you know, I'm obsessed with Magnitone!!! I am glad to hear this head worked for you. I received these for Christmas last year and they really irritated my skin :( I have some Silk ones I am soooo excited to try!

  8. Ooh I love the look of these and loved your honest review. I keep seeing stuff from Magnitone on social media and it all looks so exciting! I love things like this for a proper pamper night x

    Tiffany x