Lucky Dip Club - My Rainbow Life

[AD/Gifted] Lately I have been all about subscription boxes... THEY JUST EXCITE ME OK?! 

This one from Lucky Dip Club though... this is on a whole other level in my opinion because just look at that packaging! The colours! It's amazing. I honestly couldn't wait to get tucked into this box when it arrived because the box had rainbows all over it... it's fulfilling all my needs, checking all those boxes for me. So today I'm here to tell you all about this box because the company are legit amazing, one I can really get behind because their ethics are on point.

I am really excited to tell you all about this box, I was kindly sent a selection of goodies from their recent month's boxes and boy oh boy, what a selection it is. I was instantly wowed by the box, It's covered in rainbows so it's bound to put a smile on anyone's face then when I opened the box I was wowed even more, the packaging as a whole is fun, bright and has a feel good atmosphere to it, I couldn't wait to get tucked into all the goodies. 

Before I go into more detail about what I received in the box I want to tell you more about the company. Lucky Dip Club are all about supporting independent creatives, this ranges from their artists and the subscribers. I love that they have a secret subscribe area where you can get involved with loads of like minded women. This brand not only offer you a subscription box, they give you a community to be part of, you can attend meet-up and submit work to their girl planet publication, oh yeah, they also have a little magazine that get's put in the subscription boxes filled with content. The one I received had a little to do list area in it and I fell in love instantly. 

Now onto the box I got!

What was included:
  • Girl Planet issue 1
  • Girl Planet pin badge
  • Girl Planet Issue 15
  • Care Bear Socks
  • Flamin' Go for it bag
  • Treat yo' self tray 

I am an absolute sucker for pin badges, I have collected them for as long as I can remember and my collection used to be pretty big (until loads went missing the last time we moved house) but now I have a brand new one to add to it and I couldn't be happier to add it to my collection.

This issue of their Girl plante publication is just fab! I loved reading it from cover to cover, I was so intrigued with everything that was included in this.  

I really do love me some cute socks which I am pretty sure most of my friends know (I know Lisa know's, I got a llama pair and unicorn pair for my birthday haha) so when I seen these I let a little squeal out as they are just super cute! how bright they are makes me smile plus how cool does that bear look? 

This bag has all kinds of YES going on, it's super cute, perfect for a make-up bag, wash bag or just some super quirky going out bag. 

This has got to be my favourite item out the whole lot though, I now have the perfect little tray for blog photography!!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Now onto how you subscribe! There are three different options for the subscriptions, all have FREE uk shipping and you can choose your package.

All in all I was so pleased with this box. From the moment it got it to the moment everything was opened I never stopped saying "WOW". The bright colours instantly lifted my mood, all contents inside are just perfect (I have another pin to add to my collection!) I really do love everything about this company and when I am back from Ibiza I am DEFINITELY subscribing because I really need that kind of joy in my life every month.

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  1. This looks like such a lovely subscription box! Love all the bright colours. I like this one as it's different to the usual beauty boxes that are around, that tray is so nice and like you said perfect for blog photos! x

    Tiffany x

  2. The colours! I'm in love! 😍 Give me anything to bring brightness and colour into my life and I'm sold, this sounds like the perfect subscription for me! I love the socks and the makeup bag! How fab that they run a publication that you can submit to as well, that's a wonderful idea for bloggers!

    Abbey 💗

  3. I love the idea of this subscription box it's soo adorable! I love the variety of items and they all fit soo well together. It's definitely a box of colour. I think my favourite item is the pin, it's soo adorable and would add colour to any collection!

    Gemma |

  4. I have serious subscription box envy right now - this looks incredible! And I am in love with that tray! If the tray and Teddy happen to go missing sometime when I'm around at your house, please don't hate me :P
    In all seriousness though, this box sounds perfect, and I love that it helps support independents!

  5. I think this is the only subscription box I would actually be insanely interested in, anything that creativity fuels ones mind is right up my street and I love all the bright stuff. Thank you for showing us this, it's awesome!