No More Taboo.

Periods. That "dirty" word that a lot of people can't seem to say, I see men grossed out by this word, the thought that it's natural hasn't seemed to have crossed their mind. I also see a lot of women who think it's a terrible word and shouldn't be talked about even though often these are the same women who have a period every single month! What's with that?! It's not a horrible word, it shouldn't be met with disgust. I could literally talk about this all day because it annoys me to no end but I fear I may lose sight of the main point of this post which is all about the No More Taboo box I received.

At the end of August, I received the No more taboo monthly hug box which is a box that you get filled with 5 different ethical products, this box also happens to be a charitable subscription box which gets all the yeses from me, I mean, I love the work No More Taboo are doing so before I get into the box and the goodies I got let me tell you all about the work there are doing and why I stand with them in this.

No more Taboo started in 2015 when Chloe (The founder) returned home from Bolivia where she went to work on a menstrual hygiene management project with SODIS. When there she met a group of girls who had very little knowledge of menstruation and their limited access to sanitary products plus poor facilities. This sparked the start of No More Taboo where she wanted to tackle these problems. 

Since No More Taboo Started the whole organisation has grown and they now have three main aspects which are, selling sustainable sanitary products to help reduce the amount of waste created. They are running education programmes for young people and running charitable projects, which are breaking taboos with people in the UK and overseas with women living in poverty.

I could really talk about them all day, I think the work they are doing is amazing and it's something that is really needed but all the information is on their website. Now let's get onto the box I received!

What I got in the box; 
  • 2x Pukka Love tea
  • 2x Pukka Womankind tea
  • Heaven Scent Natural Candle 
  • Skin Treat Balm 
  • Doisy & Dam Organic Dark Chocolate 
  • Nutrition Guide for happy, healthy summer

The one thing that really makes this box different is knowing that when you get this you are helping those in need. Reading about the box was really eye opening and I loved this little piece that I'll insert here;

"We are also the only box that is committed to sourcing our goodies from independently-owned, ethical businesses (which means we pay fair prices) to support local business owners and ensure our “box miles” (the impact on the environment) are minimised." 

I just commend them for doing this, what they are doing is really making a difference in peoples lives. 

All in all, I think this is such a good box and the company itself is doing amazing work! I have really enjoyed finding out more about No More Taboo because they have ethics that I can really get behind. Also, with the subscription box you have the chance to add on a reusable sanitary product if you want it which is fantastic.

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*I received this box from No More Taboo free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*


  1. This is such a great idea for a monthly subscription box! And I love the fact it's helping others too, while also treating yourself

  2. Great post Jordanne and I really like the idea that no more taboo have. May give them a follow and check them out.