Our Week In Ibiza: Pt 2

Last Sunday saw the first instalment of our week in Ibiza, if you haven't read it yet you can read it HERE. In that post I covered Saturday to Tuesday so if you want to know what we got up to then I do suggest reading that one first... plus it has some beaut photos from when we went to see the sunset. 


Wednesday saw us head for the hippy market. It's one thing I really wanted to do since Katie told me about it because I just love anything hippy related plus I love markets so this was a match made in heaven for me. It wasn't that long of a walk from our hotel either which was nice, maybe 15 minutes at most if you are walking really slow. On our way we say a mass of people, it was amazing seeing how popular it was plus there were some men preforming just outside with long, colourful skirts on singing and playing the Spanish guitar... plus there were lots of puppers with them! I couldn't take my eyes off, they were super cute. Upon entering the market I could tell we would be there a while trying to fight our way through the masses but I wasn't bothered, I wanted to take it all in. The whole atmosphere was amazing, I just love how chill everyone was, there were performers and plenty of stalls, by the end of it I definitely wanted to just move there and become part of their community because wow! their lifestyle just seems so free and amazing.

After the market we headed back towards our hotel and found somewhere to have lunch, we decided to go to Apache again where I had their toasties and Katie had the nachos. We filled up on lunch then went to the beach to get some beautiful photos, the whole day was chill and I loved it. After doing all that during the day we headed back to the hotel, got ready for the night a head and couldn't wait to see what the night had in stall for us. We headed down to the hotel bar again where we took advantage of happy hour again where tony hooked me up with Malibu and coke by letting me skip the whole queue haha
We took part in the quiz again and if Katie and I had both listened to each other about some of the questions then we would have won! But it was great, we played plenty of card games, Katie told me about drinking Jenga then we met up with Katie's friends again. This time we went to a local Spanish bar which was somewhere between Es Cana and Santa Eulalia. It's a bar for locals and when we walked in we could feel all eyes on us because we stuck out like a sore thumb... you could tell we weren't native so it felt hella awkward to begin with but after sitting down, getting drinks and having a good laugh we soon forgot about that and everyone was pretty chill, all friendly smiles. That night Katie taught her friends the drinking Jenga game so we played a few rounds of that then went back to cards... during the card game we had some banter where I said Katie was cheating but obviously I was joking... the whole situation was hilarious because they didn't realise it was a joke and told us to stop fighting haha it was pretty funny. Once that bar was closing we headed back into Es Cana where we went to another little bar that done food as well, since Katie and I had only eaten at lunch time we really needed food, we opted for the pizza and chips, all I can say is YUM! The food was AMAZING! Whilst sitting there we ended up seeing Creepy guy again.... he walked into the bar then left again... WEARING THE SAME GOD DAMN CLOTHES! Once we finished out food we headed down to Grannies for the last drink, it was a great end to the evening although the creepy guy was there... hovering over us, watching us through the window with some smug smile on his face, just winding us up so much to be honest. When we were leaving I turned to look back to make sure I wasn't hitting Katie with the door and the guy waved at me with a huge smile on his face... Katie thought I was about to fight him and if it wouldn't have ruined the night I think I would have, It was horrible! 


Thursday came and I woke up feeling a little delicate again... I really needed to stop rolling in around 5am haha I woke up later and again Katie was ready for the day. We headed out for brunch then went to the Beach. We spent the whole day at the beach which was fantastic! We swam, got pictures and had a fab time. It was amazing, I think we stayed in the sea for over an hour just talking, making pipe dreams about moving there one day and opening a bar. If I could do that one day I would be in heaven, that would just, it would make my life to be honest. This was also the day that the giggles truly started, there must have been something in the water because we just didn't stop laughing! making jokes about how I would be the worst mermaid ever, talking about snails and so much more! We had a blast and I felt so free in those moments, I can't express to you just how amazing it was. After the swim we went back to our towels, lay down then fell asleep! I can't believe we had a nap on the sand but boy, was that needed! After our nap we headed back to the hotel to get spruced up for heading to Sol. We decided to go to Sol that night whilst Katie's friends where working to keep them company and get drunk haha. 

We jumped on the bus and headed to Santa Eulalia, We ended up getting off at a different stop this time but it worked out easier because it was closer to the hotel which was good. Once we got to the hotel we had two drinks made and served! Perfect. We sat for a while chatting away and minding our own business but soon enough a guy called Dave appeared, He was lovely, an older man who was on holiday with his wife but he was camping by the bar, he struck up conversation with us which was nice but then a man he met whilst there called Tony followed suit. To be honest Tony was a lot to handle, he was rather rude and very upfront from the get go, talking about how he thought he found a prostitute whilst there, telling me to remove my piercings because I would look better, insulting Katie by saying she was a 1 when shes clearly a 10 then trying to get her to go to his room... In between all that we got some decent stories out of him, it made the time pass quicker to be honest and gave us some entertainment for the night. After 11 Dave left shortly followed by Tony, With the bar starting to shut down we finished up our drinks, got Katie's friends and left. That night we went back to Es Cana where we had some drinks. It was another kind of late night but it was nice. 


On Friday we were starting to get sad at the thought we were really leaving. If I could, I would have flown Leon and my gran out right then and there and stayed, I have completely fallen in love with the place, I can't thank Katie enough for getting me to go! I know the appeal all to well now. We got up, packed our stuff and kept out only what we needed so we weren't getting up too early on Saturday as we would be getting picked up at 7am anyway. Once we packed we headed to Apache again for our last breakfast, we spoke to the waiter guy who we always saw and told him it was our last day. Whilst sitting having our breakfast though we went and completely F*%ked it and booked up for next year... we are going back in May 2018 but this time with my Gran and Leon. That was such a great moment, booking up again, I loved it. After food we headed to the shops where I got my gifts for everyone, once we done that it was back to the apartment where we just chilled for a while then headed to the beach again where I actually used my Gopro and discovered that it is indeed definitely waterproof. I loved just talking and having fun, It was a great last day to be honest. After doing that we went back to our room and got ready for the night, making sure we had our last meal in the hotel before we went home. I have to admit, it was horrible trying to find an outfit for the Friday, I felt horrible in everything plus to top it off I had a hole in my leggings! How that happened I don't. We had dinner in the hotel and the food was lovely, I really enjoyed the meal that night, after dinner we had a drink at the hotel, taking advantage of happy hour once again then heading to Apache for some drinks where we met Angel. We tried to take part in the game but our buzzer wasn't working so we helped the people at the table next to us, after Apache we went to another little Spanish bar, this time it was only round the corner which was lovely, there were dogs running around and the whole atmosphere was really nice. It was a fantastic last night and I ended up going to see the starts in the middle of no where, I could have stayed there forever looking up at the sky, not moving. 

I can't describe how amazing the whole holiday was in words, it's an experience I will never forget, that's for sure and I can't wait to go back next year and have my Gran plus Leon experience this amazing time. I am counting down the days until e are back again. 


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