Luxury Woman's Gift Guide

Hello lovelies! This weeks gift guide is all about those presents on the higher end of the budget scale. These gifts ranging from £50 and up go on my Luxury gift guide because they are superb gifts to get, not something you would buy someone everyday. So Grab a cuppa, Sit back and prepare to visit some websites after this to pick some gifts up. 


About A Book

I always talk about not having enough time to read, I see a good book, I pick it up, get a few chapters in then it sits gathering dust. I'm busy, after running around trying to survive this thing called adulthood and parenthood I just want to curl up and watch mind numbing tv or write. The truth is, I have the time to read, I know I do but I choose not to. Instead I fill my nights with wasted time instead of picking up that book I've been looking at longingly.


You don't choose how I manage my Anxiety

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while because it's something that's been on my mind for God knows how long. I see little things over social media that spark this discussion in my head over and over again but I often forget to write my thoughts down but not anymore, I have to talk about this.


Nelson Brown Launch in Dumfries

the life of glasgow girl

Do you ever get your hair done by someone and instantly wish you could take them home with you to do your hair every day? Well I have and it was when I attended the Launch of Nelson Brown in Dumfries.


Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask

I love a good hair care product, I am always looking for something that's going to help me take care of my hair without loads of effort. I am such a sucker for Lee Stafford products as well so when I was given the chance to try out this Sea Salt Mud Mask naturally I jumped at the chance, It's said to help you get Big Beach Hair.... My Kinda Product for sure!


Gifts For The Every Woman

christmas gift guide for women

Hello lovelies! Today's post is another Gift Guide and this time it's focusing on the perfect gifts for the every woman. I love gifts that are perfect for anyone, the ones you can get that you just know any of your friends, aunties, sisters etc... will LOVE! I have a lovely selection here for women with all different personalities. 


Brinley Williams Personalised Mugs

Personalised gifts are perfect for Christmas, who doesn't love receiving something that's totally personal to them? I know that I personally get excited when someone gives me a gift they have personalised for me, it shows me they have thought about the present, thoughtful gifts are just the best. 


It's just words, right?


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. They are just words, right? They can't hurt us, not really...

The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Brush

Magnitone Blend up

I'm always craving new beauty tools, I love getting the latest ones to try out, see what's going to help me improve my make-up skills since they really are quite basic. Since getting the Magnitone blendup I feel like my blending has really gotten better.


Practical Gift Guide for Babies

Gift Guide for Babies


Katherena Clutch

Katherena Clutch

A girl (or guy) has gotta have that one (or 12) luxury bag/s in their life. A good bag can make any outfit, jazz up a little black dress, take an outfit from casual to dressy with the right pair of heels of course and I have the most beautiful little clutch/cross body bag around now thanks to Katherena. I'm totally smitten with it from the design to the quality.


Odeon Experience at Fort Kinnard


I love a good Cinema experience, there's nothing quite like watching a movie on the big screen. The atmosphere in the cinema always gives me a great feeling, experiencing others reactions, it's just something that really appeals to me. On the 29th October I was lucky enough to go along to the Odeon at Fort Kinnard to see Jigsaw, I haven't been to an Odeon in years! But after my experience, I will definitely be back.


Christmas With Debenhams 2017

Christmas feels like it's just round the corner and in reality it will be here quicker than we think. Debenhams have recently launched their Christmas range just in time to help you get your Fairy Tale Christmas and believe me, their stuff is truly dreamy! Wither you are looking for the perfect party dress or just need to find something your kid's going to love, Debenhams have it all covered.


November Advertisers

Hello lovelies! Today's post is all about my November Advertisers, so sit back, grab a cuppa and come find new blogs to binge on!

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