Christmas With Debenhams 2017

[AD/PR Event] Christmas feels like it's just round the corner and in reality it will be here quicker than we think. Debenhams have recently launched their Christmas range just in time to help you get your Fairy Tale Christmas and believe me, their stuff is truly dreamy! Wither you are looking for the perfect party dress or just need to find something your kid's going to love, Debenhams have it all covered.

On Thursday 26th October I was lucky enough to go along and see Debenhams Christmas range at Blythswood Square hotel where we got to meet Patrick Grant, the Designer of Hammond & Co. It was such a magical night filled with fizz, food and festivities. The whole night feels a bit like a dream if I'm honest, The Christmas feel was definitely in the air that night with gorgeous gifts spread around and stunning party clothes to help you see the season of parties through in style. To begin with we were invited to a cocktail party where all gifts and clothes were on display, there were beautiful drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic plus horderves being served by the lovely staff at Blythswood Hotel. After the cocktail reception we got to sit down to a 3 course meal which was just amazing! I can't believe how good the food was, the soup was delicious and I have to figure out how to make it myself because YES! Super tasty. 

Getting a first look at their Christmas range was something else, being able to browse in a relaxing and almost fairy tale like state was nice. To me everything screamed "Luxury" at fantastic prices, from stunning underwear to the perfect personal gift, everything seems very well selected. Their party wear range is very fitting for this years style, sequins and glitter... can't really get better than that can you? The styles that were on display were just beautiful and I could have walked out with about 5 different outfits, it's not often I find a lot of clothes I like as I am a little fussy at times but the Debenhams range is just... WOW! I also loved seeing the mens style picks, the suits were super lovely, I have to admit, I love a man in a good suit and the ones designed by Patrick Grant look super stylish. If you're in the market for some luxury gifts for the man in your life this year, head to Debenhams! Honestly, my favourite pieces have to be the Melange backpack from Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant and the Navy Checked pyjama set by Patrick grant as well. You will not have a shortage of ideas when it comes to mens gifts at Debenhams.

When it comes to the womens gifts and clothing I was in awe of it all. Their are some truly beautiful gifts in their range this year and I wanted them all! Every single one of them (Especially the beauty and the beast gift sets) I could go daft in Debenhams buying everything, I saw something for everyone there, taking a mental note of what there was so I can go pick it up. The whole night I had my eye on a beautiful pair of short pyjamas, they are such a beautiful colour and perfect for my house which always seems to be like a sauna! So a beautiful pair of short pjs would be the perfect gift for me, I can totally treat myself to them, right? I also couldn't take my eyes off a stunning pair of sequin boots (Major heart eyes moment!)I wanted to take them then and there, I cannot wait to pick them up if I'm honest, I will get them by the end of the year plus they would go perfectly with one of the dresses they had at the event, I was getting major style inspiration the whole night! 

Now that I have spoke a little about the mens and womens clothing let me get onto my favourite part of the event... THE CHILDRENS STUFF! I was mesmerised by the childrens clothes, there was a beautiful shirt, waist coat and bow tie set that Leon would look AMAZING in, so handsome. I am definitely buying him it for Christmas day because I am totally allowed to dress him up, right? I have to, it would suit him so well plus there were a pair of brogues that would go perfectly with the outfit I have in my mind for Leon. Debenhams have for sure out done themselves this year with their Christmas party wear range, especially for the kids. There was a beautiful long red dress with a sort of rose design all over, it was BEAUTIFUL and I really think one of my nieces would look super cute in it (I am totally sending pictures of it to their mums because you know, CUTE!) I was so taken by the childrens clothing range, some stunning pieces.

This year when you think of Christmas think Debenhams, you will find something for everyone there, I guarantee it. I can't thank Debenhams enough for inviting me along, the whole night was fab, I loved the dinner and getting to see their Christmas range was amazing. It was lovely to meet people and get chatting over such a lovely dinner. Patrick grants designs are just breath taking, he really does have a fabulous eye for detail.

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  1. The range looks so amazing, can't wait to see it all in-store!

    Anika |

  2. What a wonderful night, I remember seeing this on your Instagram and it looked all Christmassy and it really got me in a Christmas mood. Debenhams have some great stuff I'm loving that silver dress with the sequins? If I was going to a Christmas party I think I would buy myself that :)