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christmas gift guide for women
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Hello lovelies! Today's post is another Gift Guide and this time it's focusing on the perfect gifts for the every woman. I love gifts that are perfect for anyone, the ones you can get that you just know any of your friends, aunties, sisters etc... will LOVE! I have a lovely selection here for women with all different personalities. 


*I don't know about you but I hate when my towel is always falling down, you know when you wrap it around you but just want to chill in it for a while before you even contemplate actually getting ready after a shower or bath. This amazing little gadget will keep your towel from falling down what ever you are doing. Adding this into a stocking or making up a gift box and including this would be great for Christmas, a practical gadget anyone could be doing with.

About TowelUp: 

"TowelUp© is the brainchild of a person who was fed up of her towel falling down every time she walked from the shower to the wardrobe, simple as that!  It has taken much research, time and effort to create what I hope is a solution to that problem for men, women and children alike..."

If you want to get your hands on this then it's £3.99 for one or £6.99 for two plus 0.73p for P&P. 

Christmas Socks

*No matter who you are buying for this year you really can't go wrong with socks can you and with socks as cute as this you can't say no! These beauties from UkTights are perfectly Christmas themed to put a smile on the recipients face. I love the different styles you can get, some cute character ones, cute writing ones of just some beautiful patterned ones. 


These are perfect to throw in for someones Christmas this year, beautiful socks are a great gift to give, especially when they are this cute!

Charcoal whitening toothpaste

*So some of you may be wondering why tooth paste is even on a gift guide for Christmas but hear me out. I always get a new electric toothbrush or replacement heads along with toothpaste for my Christmas, it's been a bit of a tradition since I was just a wee lass. When my gran asks me what toothpaste I want i always tell her "a good one" and she does always get a good one. This year I am loving this charcoal toothpaste because it's keeping my mouth clean and fresh, perfect for party season huh? ;) so pairing this up with a good toothbrush would be an excellent present for the every girl. I know it's something I would like so I had to include some here. Keeping your teeth clean is important so I don't see why this shouldn't be part of a gift, do you?

Buy here for £7.95 and if you are looking for a super cute tooth brush to pair with this then Superdrug have a pink limited edition Oral B Electric tooth brush on sale at the moment! 

Movie Print

*Do you know someone who is a huge movie buff? Someone who loves original art work? Then you really need to check out Smart Arts Gallery! They have tons of prints that would be perfect for Christmas. The quality is just absolutely amazing, no picture I took of any of their prints done it the justice it deserves, the colours really pop and you can tell it's an amazing piece of art. There are a range of prints available on their site so why not head over and pick up a truly unique gift for someone you love.

About Smart Arts Gallery:

"Smart Arts Gallery specialises in offering collectable, high quality and affordable open and limited edition art prints. Working with global movie studios, video game companies and interior designers to offer artwork that will brighten up any room"

the body shop

Hair care is a solid gift idea for anyone at Christmas and this one from the body shop smells absolutely phenomenal! It's nourishing, does wonders for your hair and I really can't believe how amazing my hair feels after I use this. Getting this as part of a gift for someone this Christmas would be perfect if they are looking for some pamper time & love using heavenly smelling products.

milk and honey

At Christmas you really can't go wrong with getting someone a good book! I have been reading Milk and Honey lately and I just love it! It's such a beautifully written book by Rupi Kaur. I would recommend getting this for anyone who hasn't got it yet but getting a book in general is a fab idea.

suspender tights

*If you're looking for a totally different gift to give this Christmas, try getting some Christmas themed tights! I have a few friends who are Christmas MAD and I just know that they would love these. It add's more festivity to an outfit plus they are pretty darn cute aren't they?! 


I think some festive tights would be the perfect gift for those who just LOVE Christmas or even just a lovely little treat for yourself to jazz up any outfit this party season.

make up

*If you're buying for a make-up lover this Christmas then I definitely think you should check out bourjois. I have been loving their make up range lately and I would for sure recommend their lippies! Adding in some make-up to any stocking or present is always a winner, you're bound to find something from the bourjois range that the recipient would love.

Victoria Secret

Finally, you can't go wrong with some Victoria secrets body mist spray! The perfect gift for anyone who like me, is obsessed with heavenly scents. There are so many in their range that you could pick up a couple and make it into a big gift set, maybe throw in a Victoria Secret perfume as well to make a luxury gift set for someone. 

And that's it, My gift guide for the every woman. Hopefully you have found some ideas in here to help make your shopping experience this Christmas season easier! I am loving everything here and I have personally tested/used them.

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*Some of these products were sent to me for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and I don't feature anything I wouldn't recommend*


  1. Love VS sprays, they're amazing! TowelUp sounds really cool too, such a good idea!

    Anika |

  2. Omg the Towel Up sounds like exactly the sort of thing I need in my life! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. I love cute socks and I don't actually have any that are Christmas themed. I love those!

  4. I love the socks, I have brought my daughter the banana hair products from the Body Shop for her stocking x

  5. Oh I love the socks and I never get them for Christmas! I've also heard great things about that book so I'd love that too!

  6. I love the socks! I have a monthly sock subscription :)

  7. These are all great gifts, I love the spray and the hair mask! Those are two gifts I would give or love to receive.

  8. I always ask for cute socks in my stocking! And you can never go wrong with make up in my book. I've never tried charcoal toothpaste before so I shall have to give it a whirl

  9. That TowelUp sounds amazing. I need it in my stocking this year. I'm sick of trying to keep towels on, especially in the winter months!

  10. I love the socks and The Body Shop hair mask is something I would use. Fab selection :) x

  11. Some lovely ideas here. I love the Victoria Secrets spray, it smells amazing and the themed xmas socks are always a hit with me!

  12. I love the socks! Every year my mom and I get each other matching xmas pjs it's so cute.

  13. I'll admit I love receiving socks at Christmas they're the best! and those Christmas themed ones are too cute!