Nelson Brown Launch in Dumfries

Photo of Jordanne from holding a glass of pink gin at Nelson Browns in Dumfries

Do you ever get your hair done by someone and instantly wish you could take them home with you to do your hair every day? Well I have and it was when I attended the Launch of Nelson Brown in Dumfries.

On Saturday 11th November I attended the Launch of Nelson Brown's new Salon in Dumfries, Browns. After receiving and Invite from Hollysbeautybox to come along on the day, get my hair done and have an all round fab time I was definitely on board.  Katie and I got into the car around 12ish and headed for Dumfries which was only supposed to be about an hour and a half drive away... Naturally we got there at 2:35 because, it's us haha we can never have a smooth car journey. Once we got there though we were ready to get inside, meet everyone and join the fun. 

A photo of Nelson Brown salon
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From the moment I stepped inside I was wowed, The decor is simply stunning with real brick walls and tables made from axe ties which I though was pretty cool, it adds so much character to the place creating an amazing aesthetic throughout.  We had a little tour of the place, showing us the main room where the magic happens on the hair then to the room where you get your hair washed, let me just say that it is by far the best one I have ever seen! With amazing chairs that have massage backs built in, lovely mood lighting and music to sooth you, I was blown away by it for sure. After there we got to go see the Beauty room where Kerry their Beauty Therapist & GUINOT Specialist is situated. We were able to see their machines and got to talk with Kerry about the treatments on offer. Once we had our Tour we were all broken up a little, one lot of people getting their hair done first whilst the rest of us went into the Beauty room with Kerry to get a little test of the GUINOT machine and one of it's treatments. 

About GUINOT: 

"Founded in France over forty years ago by well-known chemist René Guinot, the collection of skincare products known throughout the world as “Guinot Paris” began as a focused approach to treating the skin with the now legendary Hydradermie treatment. From this starting concept, Guinot moved on to develop treatment-compatible products that could be used by clients at home... Read More"

Photo of Jordanne from Ofaglasgowgirl getting a free treatment at Nelson Brown

When in the room with Kerry we all got to get a little go at having our necks done by the GUINOT machine, We were loaded with information on it, telling us all bout how the machine works, the benefits and more. One thing that really stuck with me was that it can help lift your face, great for people who have Bell's Palsy and it got me thinking about my gran as she is having some trouble with her left eye and cheek, it's not noticeable to me but it's something that definitely effects her so I would love to see how well this works for her. Laying down on the table I really had no idea what to expect, everyone has a different reaction because it's manipulating your muscles, my reaction happened to be I felt like my lip was being pulled by a string and then my arm had some major twitching going on! It was really surreal, not an uncomfortable feeling but it was a little strange. After I got the right side of my neck done I could definitely notice a difference from the right to the left, my right side looked more toned and lifted which was impressive since I only got a taste of what this machine could do. I am very egar to go and have a little try of this properly, I would love to see what this could do for my face if I got the full treatment so maybe that's something I will do.  

Close up of the snacks serves at Nelson Browns Launch

After we got to talk to Kerry about these procedures we headed back into the salon where we got to have some food whilst waiting to be seen by one of the hair stylists. There was a little slate platter which had some food on it, the food was just lovely but my favourite was the little cup of what I assume was soup, that tasted AMAZING! Eventually it became my turn to get my hair done, I was lucky enough to be taken by Head Stylist Trae. Trae was super lovely, listening to everything I had to say about my hair, I love my length but I hate that it has no texture to it and that I can't do much with it as the weight makes it impossible. I was taken through to the room where hair is washed and treated to a massage in the big comfy chairs, I really could have slept in there the whole night, it was lovely. Once we got back to the chair I started getting my hair cut, I wasn't wanting anything too crazy so I only got a little bit chopped off and the front of my hair shaped a little more, Whilst my hair was wet Trae put in the texture cream from Windle & moodie to help give it some grit, something to make my hair more manageable whilst creating hair styles. When my hair was getting cut I really noticed how long it has gotten in almost 2 years, I can't quite believe I have managed to get it to this length, it was so long that I actually had to stand up to get my hair cut straight haha which I actually found quite amusing, I have never had that before but I like how much attention she put onto my hair, making sure it was cut right. When it came to drying my hair Trae used the dyson hair dryer with the diffuser attachment on it to make it sort of wavy which was really cool, that's something I haven't done before or even thought of but I think I may have to try it out. 

Photo of three Windle and Moodie products on a white marble table

Once my hair was finished I got some Windle & Moodie matte texture spray put through to just give it that bit more texture. Once I was all finished and had a look at the end result I was super happy, I haven't had a grunge hairstyle quite like that before and it felt amazing to just love my hair again, to see some volume in it without it looking stuck down to my scalp. 

A little about Nelson:

"Nelson Brown is the force behind one of the fastest growing hair salons in Scotland, working closely with his hand picked, expertly trained team daily to create the kind of cuts and colours that turn heads and leave clients looking and feeling fantastic. Nelson says “I started Browns in 2001 after gaining a huge amount of knowledge and experience as the Art Director of Vidal Sassoon in Leeds and London. Dumfries is part of my heritage and I had a vision to make this beautiful corner of Scotland the home of fashion inspired and technically perfect hairdressing.” Nelson is the Northern Ambassador for Windle and Moodie, a backstage driven haircare line, used on the global fashion runways, which he balances along side running two salons and his own column, remaining true to his passion for technical haircutting. Nelson has 9 Scottish Hairdresser of the Year Finalist under his belt, Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year Finalist, as well as TV appearances"

All in all the day was absolutely amazing, I can't imagine the day going any better, the drinks were delicious, the food was superb and the staff were so accommodating. Nelson himself was a blast to meet, I really cannot wait to go back and get my hair done, I will be saving up to have him do my hair himself, at least once! I am also very excited to try out the products I received in the goody bag, everything was tailored to the individual so I got some of the hair products that were used on my and some samples of the skin care range that was advised for me by Kerry. Once I have tried these out a little more I will be sure to have a full review on the blog.

Nelson Brown has two salons where you can go and get yourself all pampered, one in Lockerbie and now one in Dumfries.

DUMFRIES: 34 Whitesands, Dumfries, DG1 2RS,
T: 01387 249 944

LOCKERBIE: 4 Station Rd, Lockerbie, T: 01576 848 009

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*I was invited along to this event which included a gift bag and complimentary treatments. All views are my own*


  1. SO jealous you got to go this looks amazing! i was meant to go but i couldnt make it
    I totally want a good facial! <3

    Andrew James -

  2. That picture of you is fab! Sounds like a great place to go for a pamper, shame it's so far away. I love the decor x 💕

  3. This is a brilliant detailed review. I agree with you that the decor looks amazing. I would probs love the massage back chairs.

  4. Sounds like you had the best of time and I totally get you - sometimes you wish you could jut take people home. I for sure wanted now and then my hairdresser to come home with me and do my hair every day.
    Lea, xx

  5. Wow it looks like you had a great experience! The food looks so mouth watering