Odeon Experience at Fort Kinnard


I love a good Cinema experience, there's nothing quite like watching a movie on the big screen. The atmosphere in the cinema always gives me a great feeling, experiencing others reactions, it's just something that really appeals to me. On the 29th October I was lucky enough to go along to the Odeon at Fort Kinnard to see Jigsaw, I haven't been to an Odeon in years! But after my experience, I will definitely be back.

Going along to see a movie that I have been super excited to watch was a bit of a dream for me, I can't quite believe I got this experience and I can't thank Hummingbird enough for letting me go along. From the start I was wowed because the everyone at the cinema was super helpful and had a smile on their face, There is nothing worse when someone serves you and can't even muster up a smile. I really liked that the manager that I was dealing with had on her Halloween cat make-up, it really did make the whole situation less awkward. The manager couldn't have been more helpful, she talked me through the difference in premium seats and standard seats, one thing I couldn't believe was that it's only £1.50 more for the premium seats! For extra leg room and comfier chairs I would definitely pay the £1.50 each time. When it comes to getting the good seats you can select them online and when you come into the cinema, it's really good that you can buy tickets then and there for them as I have heard of places only letting you select these seats online but not at the Odeon. 

Something that I really liked about the Odeon was the fact they had a little pick'n'mix area for children that had some childrens juices, little treats and more. It's fab they have this separate from the big pick'n'mix area as I know that letting my little one near one of those is dangerous! But this way they can still choose some stuff but it's probably a lot healthier than the big sweets wall. As you would imagine they sell all the normal snacks you would find in a cinema like hot dogs, nachos, pop corn etc... but in this Odeon they also have the choice of chips! CHIPS! I love chips so to know they sell them just makes me so happy, I love hot food in a cinema. I also love that they have tango ice blacks, you can't go to the cinema and not have one, you just can't!  

The whole atmosphere of the Cinema was fantastic, I felt really relaxed and my anxiety didn't flare up once. Not only was the experience with staff and ordering etc... good the film was also amazing. I loved the first few Saw movies and I was a little worried that this one would be bad like the last couple but to my surprise it was actually quite good, the twists are pretty fab and it feels more like the originals again. It's a movie I would really suggest watching if you like Saw. 

The Odeon at Fort Kinnard is situated in the middle area next to a multitude of restaurants. The Shopping and leisure destination is just fantastic. I am a little sad that I didn't take full advantage of the day and go shopping before hand but now I know that there are so many amazing shops so I have already started to plan a full day out at Fort Kinnard ending with a trip to the Cinema. 


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*I was lucky enough to have this experience on the house . All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. I've never been to an Odeon but I do also love going to the cinema because it's usually Nick and I's date nights so going to the cinema is a great time out for the both us, as a kid I loved the excitement and every thing about it. I hope you enjoyed the movie?