Practical Gift Guide for Babies

Gift Guide for Babies

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When it comes to buying presents for babies it can be hard, I've been there and done that. The amount of useless gifts Leon got on his first Christmas was ridiculous, what little baby is going to play with a racing track, huh? None. THEY ARE BABIES! I was wishing with every tare of wrapping paper that there would be something I could use, something useful, not that I wasn't grateful and all for everything Little bear did get, but it was all stuff he couldn't use until he was around 2/3 which wasn't much use to me on his first Christmas. After going through that myself I decided to buy only practical presents for babies, something the parents would thank me for instead of looking at me like I'm nuts. So, for this gift guide I am focusing on practical gifts for babies.

Baby toothpaste

baby toothpaste

It can be hard keeping little ones first teeth clean and making sure they have healthy gums so to me this is a great little present to shove in with the rest of those presents you're going to get because let's face it, you'll definitely be buying a few things. It's practical, it's functional and it's something a little different! So why not be that friend/auntie/grandma/brother/papa who thinks outside the box and gets something extremely useful this Christmas, I guarantee you'll be thanked for it. This splat apple and banana flavour one sounds like a dream, I can just imagine it tastes AMAZING! 

Clothes in a size up

Baby clothes

When people buy Leon clothes it's always the same size that he's in, now here's a disclaimer, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING HE GETS, TRUST ME! But I already have drawers bursting with clothes for him in his current size. Leon grows like a weed... he shoots up! I'm forever replenishing his wardrobe and drawers so I have tons in his current size but you know what I don't have? Anything for the size up and this was the same when he was a baby. I got so many clothes that he normally wore things once and that was it. It's not intentional but I had so much stuff that I couldn't get through so I gave to men and women's shelters etc... to help other. I always wished people would buy bigger sizes so that when it came round to getting clothes for him I would have a starting base. I would really recommend going bigger with sizes, it will be appreciated! So here are some of my top picks for Christmas this year!

  • 3 piece set from H&M
  • Pile Lined all in one suit from H&M
  • Dungarees from H&M
  • Navy dinosaur applique top and dungarees from Debenhams
  • Navy herringbone textured jacket, jogging bottoms and red t-shirt set by Ted Baker from Debenhams
  • Red ballerina applique dress from Debenhams



If dummies are the comforter of choice for the baby you're buying for this Christmas then making up a little bag of their favourite brand of dummy will be a god send. Just ask which one they prefer and get a few, it's always handy to have about 20 more than you need because they go missing, TRUST ME, they are worse than women's hair grips! It's something I would be thankful for.

Piggy bank

piggy bank

A little piggy bank with some money (optional) inside is a fab idea! It's something I wish I started when Leon was born because it would have helped for saving loose change then converting it to put into a bank for him later on. Getting a beautifully unique one would be awesome, I'm sure the parents would love it and it helps them for saving for their little one... bonus present because it serves the baby and parents. I found THIS ONE which I loved!

Cuddly toy.

A cuddly toy is always practical, babies and children love them alike. If they have a brother or sister getting matching ones with their names on them is such a cute idea. It's personal and then the older sibling won't feel left out as they both get the same present.

Basket filled with essentials

This Christmas there is a new baby in our family so what I will be doing is filling a little basket with essentials like a comb, nail clippers, bubble bath, shampoo, nappies, wash cloths, dribble bibs and more. Parents are super thankful for gifts like this because it's something they can use. It's not going to sit in the corner gathering dust plus it saves them having to run out and get it all themselves once they run out of their current stuff. It's great to keep the stock pile up.

And there you have it, my practical gift guide for babies. Maybe I'm too close to this subject as I wish I received all the stuff... Ok, I did get some from different people & they were by far my most favourite gifts for Leon as I was able to use them, none of them went to waste. Sure it's great to buy other stuff like some toys to help development etc... and you should definitely get them as well because shopping for a baby is so much fun! But getting these as little extras will go a long way.

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*Some of these products were sent to me for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and I don't feature anything I wouldn't recommend*

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