The Magnitone BlendUp Vibra-Sonic make-up Brush

birds eye view of the Magnitone Blend up Vibra-sonic make-up brush on a marble work top
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I'm always craving new beauty tools, I love getting the latest ones to try out, see what's going to help me improve my make-up skills since they really are quite basic. Since getting the Magnitone blendup I feel like my blending has really gotten better. I received this as part of the Magnitone Brand ambassador programme, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I first started using the BlendUp from Magnitone I only used it with powder products as I couldn't see me actually blending my foundation with it, I was super used to using my beauty blender, I finally mastered that and I wasn't ready to give anything else a shot with my foundation. I feel like I am one of those people who gets so attached to using something as I know how to use it properly It scares me venturing out of that, especially if it's a make-up day for something important because I feel I would mess it up! But I really did want to give the BlendUp a fair chance instead of just using it for powder make-up so I took that leap, used it with my foundation and the more I used it the more attached I have become! IT WORKS AMAZING!

The blendup helps you to blend your make-up flawlessly, like a make-up artist! It glides across your skin almost, helping you achieve a smoothed out look, there's no streaks! Magnitone say "It moves across the skin over 250 times a second to give the softest looking, most natural, airbrushed effect, that’s both healthier for the skin and leaves it free from clumping, clogged pores, edge-lines and streaks." 

The blendup was designed so that you really can use it with any and all make-up from powder to liquid which really does make it the perfect make-up brush, I have been using the brush head that comes with the blendup which is the O.G Smoothblend, this is great for blending your BB Creams, Foundation and more. There are more brush heads though, meaning you can use the same brush handle with different heads, how great is that?! They have the Featherblend, this one stipples and is great for the likes of foundation bases and they also have the Buffblend and this can help you create an air brushed effect. The Blendup has some pretty awesome features like a power lock that helps you conserve your battery for hen you need it most. It also has antibacterial protection, a clean brush makes for happy skin! It is uniquely protected with Biomaster which is proven to stop the growth of microbes and bacteria by up to 99.99%.

This brush is just fantastic, my mind has certainly been changed from hen I first received this. I now can't imagine doing my foundation with any other brush, this blends it out amazingly, I have no streaks and my skin looks visibly better! It's answered all my prayers. I received the brush in the black model but it also comes in white so you can choose which colour suits you best plus you can get replacement heads on their website when you feel the brush head needs changed rather than going out and buying a whole new brush. 

close up of Magnitone Blend up Vibra-sonic make-up brush

All in all I am very impressed with this brush, it does everything I need it to. I keep recommending this to all my friends because I genuinely love it. The Blendup retails at £70 which can be a little expensive but for what it does I think it's worth it.

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