I can't quite believe that 2017 is coming to an end already, I feel like just last week it was summer and the month before was Easter... where has the time gone? It's been an oddly fast year for me and I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 2017 has been filled with so many amazing thing and a fair few awful things. Looking back on everything that's happened I can see it's been filled to the max for me but it's been over in a flash.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you lovely lot! 


Day out at Glasgow Fort

I love a good day out, the ones where it's an easy day and everything seems to go just right and you have a fab experience that you'll always remember.


Starting Off The New Year In Style - Lottoz UK Review

It's always been my dream to go into the new year with a mass amount of money, why? Because January sales and winter blues, that's why!! I'm never fortunate enough to be one of the ones going into the new year bursting with cash, if Christmas doesn't break the bank then my little ones birthday will so this year I'm trying something new, Lottoz UK


Christmas Gift Guide for Men

I don't know about you but for some reason I always find it really hard to buy for a man, I think it's because I know what the women in my life will like, it's second nature to me but when it comes to buying for a man? I find it hard so this year I wanted to be on top of it all, research fab gifts for all different types of personalities and ages to bring you a well rounded gift guide. 


Lee Stafford Sea Salt Range

Have you ever used a hair range that made you shout YESSS because it makes your hair look and feel great? Well I have, The Lee Stafford Sea Salt range has been giving me life these past few weeks. My hair has went from drab and lifeless to a volume dream with texture that allows me to create the beach waves and curls that I adore so much. 


Christmas Gift Guide for Children

Toddlers, they make Christmas amazing, no doubt about that. I love seeing my little man get super excited about Christmas because it fills me with all the joy in the world. What I don't like though is hunting high and low for presents he's going to appreciate and that will benefit him with his growth & Education. I have rounded up an array of products to bring to you all to help you get on top of Christmas this year. When doing this Gift Guide I did keep my little one in mind but these are presents any child would love, boy or girl!


Love Layla Designs

Today's post is all about Love Layla Designs. I have spoken about Love Layla on the blog before which you can read HERE, But this time I was asked to work with them (DREAM!) So I am talking all about their designs and how amazing their products are. I honestly love them, I buy most of my cards from there every year and I just can't stand by their products enough.


Bidvine, Helping you find the service you need

It's that time of year when everything is all bells and baubles, the scent of mulled wine and cinnamon sticks are in the air and appliances around the house are starting to go on the blink... Why is it that something always breaks down just before Christmas? A Boiler, a Washing Machine, a Hoover? For some reason they like to come at the busiest time of the year just to throw a spanner in the works for us. But when this happens where do you go if you want to find a professional handyman who can help you fix these appliances? Well how about trying Bidvine, Where you can find a professional for all your needs.


December Advertisers

Hello lovelies, it's now December which means Christmas season! I am so excited for this month, all the festivities and fab Christmas content, anyway! Today's post is all about my December advertisers, so sit back and come find a new blog to binge on.

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