Christmas Gift Guide for Children

Toddlers, they make Christmas amazing, no doubt about that. I love seeing my little man get super excited about Christmas because it fills me with all the joy in the world. What I don't like though is hunting high and low for presents he's going to appreciate and that will benefit him with his growth & Education. I have rounded up an array of products to bring to you all to help you get on top of Christmas this year. When doing this Gift Guide I did keep my little one in mind but these are presents any child would love, boy or girl! * Please note some of these products were gifted to be included in this guide, they will be marked with a "*", All thoughts and opinions are my own.

*Dragon Sleepy Light 

First up we have this lovely Dragon Sleepy Light from What2Buy4Kids. Personally it's a bit of a struggle to get my little one to sleep in his bed, he's not scared of the dark per say but he doesn't like waking up in the middle of the night with no light because he can't see where his water is, This night light is just PERFECT for him and I know this would be the perfect little gift for anyone with a toddler, wither you are buying it for your own child or someone else's, its a fab present for them to get to keep them comfortable at night. 

These lights come in an array of designs from dinosaurs to mermaids, you are bound to find one that fits the personality of the child. It comes with an easy to use remote which will change the colours of the light and make it look fabulous in any room. 


Now this one may not sound too fun but bare with me here. My little one is a toothbrush collector... yep, that's right, he collects toothbrushes! (don't ask why because I honestly don;t know haha) Leon has tiger ones, crocodile ones, elsa ones and more, so when he saw this in the shops he was ecstatic because it has a storm trooper on it and Yoda (He loves star wars) And I thought it would be perfect for Christmas. Not only is it something he wants it's something that will keep his teeth clean and keep him in a good routine. It's an electric one so this will be a new venture for us to try out but I am sure it will go down well. This is a fab little stocking filler or to include in a box of gifts for a child. I found this one in Asda at half off and I am sure Tesco have half off as well.

*Splat Natural Tooth Paste 

Following on from my last gift idea it would be a great idea to buy some toothpaste to accompany the tooth brush, it just makes sense. This Natural toothpaste from Splat is a fab little one to get. Leon has been using this and he LOVES it. This particular toothpaste come sin two different flavours, Fruit ice-cream and Strawberry-Cherry, we have the fruit Ice-Cream and I can personally attest to the fact it tastes AMAZING. This would be perfect in any stocking, it helps their teeth stay nice and clean plus brings fun to brushing time.

Ugly Pets

For some reason my little one goes insane for these Ugly pets (What a name right?) but he does love them and I think they are a fun little quirky gift for a little one, I know they are a little strange but they feel nice (They are soft plastic, kind of jelly feeling some of them) There are so many to collect and if your little one likes animals this strange set of pets would be perfect for them. Check out their site and see what they are all about.

Play Kitchen

A play kitchen is perfect for little ones to get creative. They can role play and learn the basics of a kitchen. Since my little one has had his kitchen he has been more involved in meal time, he helps prep things, he chooses what we bake every week and it's helped his life skills massively so not only is it a fun present for any child to get, its education and can help with so many things. I found this one in Smyths Toys. It has everything your little one will need and is fantastic quality (I have seen this in person)

Sticker Books

These sticker books are a great little filler gift, perfect to keep children occupied and have fun with. I got these ones in my local Home Bargains shop but I have seen them in poundland and various other shops. There is a big range from Disney's frozen to Peppa pig of these sticker books. 

Disney Figure 

I don't know about you buy I find that most children love Disney characters and the Disney store have such an amazing range. Leon really needed the piggy bank to complete his Toy Story collection so this is the one we went for but there are so many. They often have offers on their website an din store so it's worth looking at before Christmas if your little one is obsessed. I seen some Disney Cars figures for like £9!! so it is worth having a look, you won't always find them cheaper else where (but sometimes argos do a good deal) 

Toy Story Figures

Just like above, figure sets from the Disney Store are a fab idea. I actually picked these ones up in Disney Land Paris to put away for Christmas but there are a few sets on the Disney stores site and in store. 

Cuddly Toy

There seems to be a bit of a Disney theme here right? But it's only because I have bought these and wanted so badly to include them because I got fab deals on them plus I think any little one would really love them. Leon loves cuddly toys, he likes to have them all on his bed watching him play and all he's been asking about it Sully from Monsters Inc. So I went ahead and got him one which has an offer for free personalisation so naturally I got it. If your child or the child you are buying for loves cuddly toys then any will do, but getting them one of their favourite characters would makes their day. 

Early Learning Centre Magnetic Play centre 

This magnetic play centre from the early learning centre would be a fab toy for a little one, it will help with their spelling and letter recognition. It's a fab educational toy that's going to be fun for any child to receive, It's portable and easy to pack away which let's be honest, we all want in a toy so they aren't laying about all over the place haha.

Paw Patrol Air Patroller

Paw patrol seems to be the biggest rage at the moment among the children, I say this because at Leon's nursery I have heard so many children talking about how much they want paw patrol toys from Santa and Leon is no exception. Smyths toys have a fab range and their prices are fab! The Air Patroller is only £32.99 right now which I couldn't pass up at all. If your little one loves paw patrol then I would suggest this, it's a great size and It feels and looks good quality. 


Now any gift guide wouldn't be complete without clothing for Children would it? And Debenhams have a fantastic range of childrens clothes. At their event I fell in love with all the childrens clothes because there was such a fantastic range to say the least plus they looked adorable! Getting a good outfit from here wont just look great it will be amazing quality.

*Some of these products were sent to me for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and I don't feature anything I wouldn't recommend*

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  1. This is a great gift guide for children and tbh the only one I've seen. Mia is obsessed with Santa at the moment and Christmas in our home is very much here, the excitement is insane. We're got her a few Moana and Toy Story bits because she loves them and clothes of course. Great post!