Day out at Glasgow Fort

[AD/Gifted] I love a good day out, the ones where it's an easy day and everything seems to go just right and you have a fab experience that you'll always remember.

When the reality of having a full day out with Leon at Glasgow Fort set in I must admit, I was a little cautious because he can go one of two ways; extremely well behaved or tantruming all over the place and I never know which way it's going to go until we get to our destination. Luckily on Sunday when we went to the winter wonderland at Glasgow Fort and had a fab day out he was super well behaved and we had such an AMAZING time.
I'm a big fan of Glasgow fort, it's somewhere I always go for shopping be it for Christmas shopping or just a day out, I enjoy going there because it's got all the shops I love plus there's some fab restaurants and there's a cinema.... it's everything wrapped up in one. 

We were very lucky and got the chance to experience a full day out to the winter wonderland, a meal at Toni macaroni then off to see Ferdinand at the VUE with a spot of shopping in between. It was a fantastic day to say the least, all of us had the best day and I'm so glad my gran plus Leon got to come along to experience one of these days with me.
We started our day off early, Heading into the fort all in a chipper mood. It may have been super cold outside but that didn't matter, I think we were all just really glad to get some time out of the house together having fun. 

We arrived at Glasgow fort, ready for our day and the first thing Leon saw was a Car, that was him, in his element from the get go! Naturally we had to take a picture because he is cars daft that boy. After we got some pictures of him at the car we went for a little wander around the shops, all Leon wanted was to buy some slime (I have no idea why that was even in his mind) so that was our mission for the day, FIND SLIME! Eventually we did in the pound shop luckily and that was him, super happy so that meant it was time to head to the winter Garden. When we got there I will admit, I was expecting it to be a little bigger and inside but it's situated up next to the VUE and it has got a roof of sorts but it's not inside. There are loads of beautiful White trees and a sleigh where you can get a selfie or pictures of the little ones. That's also where the Face painting and Glitter tattoos are set up, unfortunately Leon really didn't want to get his face painted (not for a lack of trying though) instead he wanted to look at the trees, he was really admiring them which I found super cute, it was nice to see him intrigued by something and see a huge smile on his face. 

We went for lunch at Tony Macaroni and I really can't thank the staff enough for how lovely they were, everyone was really friendly and took good care of us. I did notice throughout that they were being very attentive to all the customers which was nice to see, they weren't just buttering me up for a good review of sorts but actually caring about their customers experience and taking pride in the service. The meal was delicious, it was actually our first time at Tony Macaroni and I can honestly say I would be back in a heart beat. My gran surprised me and ate a starter and main (even if she couldn't finish her main) but I was very happy at this as she has hardly been eating recently. She couldn't say enough nice things about the food and the service, even asking if we could go back another time. Leon really enjoyed his food as well, when we go out I always worry that he wont eat much as he is quite fussy. Luckily on this occasion he ate quite a lot and I think that was down to the fact he really enjoyed his meal which was breaded chicken breast and chips. He gave it two thumbs up which is the highest rating you can get because believe me, he doesn't give two thumbs up for nothing.

After going to Tony Macaroni we headed back to the face painting station where I tried to get Leon to get his face painted again but that failed miserably, he just wasn't for having it at all and I didn't want to push the matter in case he had a full blown meltdown, best to just let him be happy looking at the trees and wanting to take one home haha. Once we tried that again it was time to go to the cinema and see Ferdinand. Everyone in the VUE were so helpful, there was a bit of a communication failure to begin with as no one knew what I was talking about but it soon got sorted by he manager who was very helpful. We got some drinks and sweets and headed to our screen, it was a cosy size, perfect for the kids and the atmosphere was lovely, everyone seemed so relaxed and all the children sounded like they were loving the film. Leon done amazing, it's the first movie he has ever sat the whole way through which I was extremely proud of, he was well behaved which I couldn't believe, I was sure he was going to throw a fit and want to leave but he really did surprise me. The whole cinema experience was an amazing one, the film was so funny, I really enjoyed it and I know Leon did as well... my gran even enjoyed it! so that was a bonus. 

After the cinema we went back to the winter garden, by this time the face painting and glitter tattoos had ended and Leon wasn't as shy about going up to the trees or the sleigh, he was mesmerized by the white trees and their lights, determined we are getting one for our house haha. After that we went a little wander round the shops, with Christmas music playing throughout, we were all in such a good mood and everyone we encountered was so nice, the staff were helpful and I really can't fault a thing. All the staff throughout were working hard and their customer service was impeccable.

All in all it was such a fab day, I loved every minute of it from the icy cold air to the pop corn spilling. Leon really loved the trees at the winter garden, he was just in awe of them and that meal was top notch! The Glasgow fort is definitely perfect for a day out.

The children's face painting & glitter tattoos are back on the 22nd and 23rd which is great for the kiddies at the winter wonderland and that's from 1pm - 4pm. They will also have entertainment on from the 18th to the 23rd from 8pm - 12pm. It's fun for all the family that's for sure.

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*I was lucky enough to have this experience thank to Hummingbirdcommunications . All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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