Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you lovely lot! 

I can't believe we are here, Christmas day 2017 already, this year has well and truly flown by. I hope that you all have an amazing day today, I know I will. My little one is now at an age where he kind of understands what Christmas is, he's not 100% on what it is but he has a good idea so I am really looking forward to watching him open his presents, to spending time with my loved ones and overall having a lovely day. 

This year I wanted to show Leon that Christmas isn't just about presents, sure that's nice but for me it's all about having that one day where we are all together, where we shut out the rest of the world and have a day to ourselves, laughing and making memories. We have a full day of films, family games and food planned, being altogether feeling the love. 

I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog, follows me and is overall so supportive! I really can't believe I have such an amazing little blogging family, it warms my heart because I always thought I would be in this alone when I started but here I am, so lucky to know and call some other bloggers my friends and get to experience their talent first hand. I am wishing you all an amazing Christmas and I hope your new year is fab! 

Merry Christmas!
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