Starting Off The New Year In Style - Lottoz UK Review

It's always been my dream to go into the new year with a mass amount of money, why? Because January sales and winter blues, that's why!! I'm never fortunate enough to be one of the ones going into the new year bursting with cash, if Christmas doesn't break the bank then my little ones birthday will so this year I'm trying something new, Lottoz UK

Lottoz UK is an online site that is dedicated to helping UK Lottery players have the best online experience. Lottoz eliminates the geographical boundaries and levels the playing field, they give you access to the biggest lottery draws from around the world which increases your odds of winning some cash money! There is Mega Millions, Power ball, Euro Millions, Irish Lottery and more. Lottoz lets you bet on the results of lotteries from all over the world which gives you the chance to win corresponding cash prizes. Lottoz pride themselves on not being another lottery service provider, here's a little snippet from their site - 

" We pride ourselves in not being "yet another lottery service provider", and view our brand and product as the future on online lottery. We bring together technological innovation – in the form of an amazing platform, cool features and fabulous extras – and conceptual innovation, meaning we’re looking ahead to the ways in which boundaries are removed and opportunities are equally distributed. This way, we are able to reshape the way you experience the lottery."

Lottoz is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambeling commissions. The site is only to be used by 18 years+. You can set your own deposit limits and you can have a break for a predetermined time period if you need one. Lottoz practice responsible gaming and people should be aware of that.

--> So how does this work? When you traditionally play the lottery you will pick out your numbers or go for a lucky dip, get a piece of paper or you'll do it online and wait for the numbers to be picked and see if you are a winner (I always forget to check my numbers and then 3 weeks later I'm checking to make sure I'm not actually a millionaire who can jet off to the Bahamas!) But when you play on Lottoz you will be betting on the outcome of one of the lotteries and this is for the same price and the same prizes.... how amazing is that huh? You will also get an email to let you know you have won so there's no waiting about or worrying you won't know if you are a winner because they tell you, just play and go. Your money will also be paid straight into your account, no waiting about, no trying to cash cheques or anything of the likes, your money goes into your account, fuss free.

Lottoz want you to have fun with this, they don't just provide you with a service but an experience. It's easy to do, you can gamble responsibly and know that you won't miss out on your winnings. If you have any questions about their site you can check out their FAQ page HERE. It's exciting that you can get the chance to play the lottery of sorts in such a different way, by betting. It's a fab concept and I really like how easy the website is to navigate plus there's a live chat option meaning there is always someone there to help you with your questions. 

So why not have a look on the site and try it for yourself, maybe you will be walking into 2018 with a big cash win!

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