My Photography

Photography has always been a huge passion of mine, I LOVE taking photos so that's why I went back to college to study it after doing it online for a year. I decided I wanted to be back in a social setting for this instead of doing it from home and I am very glad I did. Over the last 6 months we have been out taking lots and lots of pictures so I wanted to share some of my favourite images that I took with you all.


Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

When it comes to Valentines day dates I always get really worked up over what to wear, do I go really dressy or do I go casual? Well I guess it depends on the type of date doesn't it? So I have put together a few ideas for outfits for different date Ideas.

Get Valentines Right With Love Layla Designs

Love Layla Designs

I'm back with another Love Layla Designs post and this time it's all about their Valentines day range, I am completely loving their cards, funny as always.


What's wrong with doing something you love?

For days now I keep racking my brain, trying to find out what's wrong with doing what I love because a lot of people seem to have very strong opinions on Bloggers at the moment.

20 Things I Want To Do This Year

Last year was the year of travel and breaking out of my shell. This year it's all about doing the things I love, things that make my soul happy so I've devised a list of 20 things I want to do this year. It's a random list if I'm honest, some things that I want to tick off and some other things that I just want to do more off. I would just love to look back at the end of the year and be able to say I done them all, ticked them all off and I enjoyed each and every one of them.


Tribalunicorn Candles

Tribal Unicorn Candles

I am one of the biggest candle hoarders you will ever meet and I'm not just saying that, I have boxes upon boxes of them along with wax melts. I just love using them instead of normal room lights, there is something about candle light that makes me feel peaceful and in a state of bliss. Tribalunicron are one of those brands that make candles right up my street, beautifully made, fantastic quality and there's a unicorn on the front. What more could a Unicorn obsessed, candle hoarding woman want?

Time For Change

*I Took this photo for part of my college assignment but I love it*

When I love, I love fiercely. When I care, I care more than words could ever explain. When you're my friend, I got your back no matter what. I always put other people first, above my own needs, my own mental health, I don't like letting people down because it's not in my nature and you better believe that if I do end up letting someone down that no one could make me feel as bad about it as I do myself. I've been like this for as long as I can remember, always being too trusting and letting the wrong people in but if 2017 has taught me anything, its that not everyone has your best interests at heart at not everyone who say's you're their friend, really means it. 


Happy Birthday, Little Bear

4 years ago today you were pulled out of my womb, 4 years ago today everything changed, 4 years ago today I realised that the greatest love I would ever feel would be for you. 


Increasing your Domain Authority

an imac sitting on a desk, with office supplies around it like a desk lap that is silver, a white pen holder, panda ornament and other little trinkets

Let's Increase Your DA

When I first started out blogging all I heard about was Domain Authority (DA) and if I'm honest, it scared me a little. I felt like I was in over my head and I had no idea what it was, why I needed to increase it or how to. After a while I realised it was a nifty little thing and I researched the hell out of it. So I thought why not share everything I learned, compile it into one place because I'm sure it's going to help someone else.

You may have heard the term "DA" alot which stands for Domain Authority and for the purpose of this post I'm going to use "DA" throughout.


Pamper Nights In The Winter

night in

I don't know about you but I love the winter for nights in, it's the perfect time to cosy up with a good movie or have a full on pamper night and treat yourself and your skin to some TLC. Lately I feel like I have been having them more and more so I want to share what normally happens on these winter nights in I have.

soap and glory

My relaxing night always starts after my little bear goes to sleep around 7 and by that time I am dying to climb into a steamy hot bath and pamper the S%*& out of my skin. I turn that hot tap on, pick out a bath bomb and get all my goodies ready to use along with sticking my PJ's on the radiator to get them nice and toasty for when I eventually get out looking like a prune! 


My January "To Do"

January to do list

It's January 2018, The start of a new year! All the Christmas decorations have been boxed up and put away for another 11 months until the festive period rolls back around. I must admit, the house always feels a little bare when everything has been stripped down but I have some things I want to get to help brighten the place up a bit and chase those January blues away. For a few months now I have been making to do lists to help me achieve some small goals and get on top of my organisation so I thought why not share them here on my blog, Make myself a little more accountable.


Getting The Best Sleep Possible With Leesa

Leesa Mattress

There's no doubt that getting a good sleep is really important, I know that if I don't get a good few hours then I'm cranky, I don't function right and I feel like a walking zombie. Since having my little one I know all too well how important sleep is because there's always lack there of in my life. 

January Advertisers

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! Today I have a post all about my lovely January Advertisers! I can't thank them enough for taking out a package with me this month, It means a lot. So grab a cuppa, get settled and find some new blogs to lust over. 


2018 Goals


Here we are, another year on. I always say that it feels like the past year has flown by but honestly, it really does. As I get older I feel like time goes quicker which is madness. I remember being about 8 and thinking I had all the time in the world, that it would be forever until I grew up and I wished it all away, now here I am, 25 and wishing I could go back to simpler days. 

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