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Photography has always been a huge passion of mine, I LOVE taking photos so that's why I went back to college to study it after doing it online for a year. I decided I wanted to be back in a social setting for this instead of doing it from home and I am very glad I did. Over the last 6 months we have been out taking lots and lots of pictures so I wanted to share some of my favourite images that I took with you all.

This photo was one of the first one's I took when being out with the college. We went to a little garden place and all the flowers looked stunning. I loved that there was still some rain drops on this flower bud and whilst the other ones were all bloomed, this one wasn't and it made it more interesting to me.

On another trip out we went to a Forrest place which had so many beautiful trees, I must admit that I have a thing for the way tree bark looks, all the details really draw me in so I had to get a photo of this with the knot in it.

This was the very first time we were allowed out with the cameras and it made me wish I had my own one in that day because I am so used to using my own equipment. Luckily I managed to get a photo I quite like, I loved this wall and all the ivy cascading over it,

When we went to Luss on a horribly rainy day I didn't think I was going to get any pictures I liked but if I'm honest I think they turned out better as I was able to capture the mist in the trees and the lighting wasn't too bad. 

Like I said before, I have a thing for trees and this one was covered in Moss. I loved the green and the fact you couldn't see any bark at all.

Flowers are always so pretty to photography, this one looked so beautiful and unfortunately I couldn't quite capture the colour quite right but I still like this picture.

The weather at Luss was horrible, so much rain and it looked so dull but I loved the contrast of the red against the muted backdrop. The graffiti made this so much more interesting to me so I had to capture it.

I love to find new and interesting angles for taking pictures, from above this mass of mushrooms looked tiny growing out the side of a tree but from underneath? they look HUGE! I wanted to capture all the details on the underside, all those lines are just beaut. Getting this shot was hard for trying to find the right angle but I like how it turned out.
This photo was taken in Luss of their pier. The weather really helped me get the shot I wanted, I love how the bars looked, the metals really stand out to my eye. I love this one so much I just had to use it as my main post image here.

Close up shots are very intriguing to me, I like to create shallow depths of field in my photos and have a main focus. This leaf was very random on the wall, the bright autumn colours stood out against the stone grey wall.

I have't seen a play park with tiers in it, in sooo long! Naturally I had to snap a picture. I feel this looked better because of the rain, it looked shiny which appealed to me.

Looking out over the water at Luss I had to get a picture of the pier in the frame. It almost looks like a black and white photo but this was shot in full colour with no editing. 

There's not much I can say about this photo other than I LOVE it. It's one of my most favourite images to date.

And that's some of my most favourite pictures I have taken since being at college. I have noticed a style emerging through my work, I tend to stick to close up shots to get as much detail of one thing whilst creating bokeh in a shallow depth of field. I know what I like to photograph and I have now realised I like landscape the most so far. We haven't done much else really apart from artificial light and outdoor light, trying different compositions etc... Next terms we are taking on some portraiture shots which I am hella excited about, I really can't wait to get photographing more people.

Since this post has all been about my outdoor photos I put in my presentation for my Photographing places module (Which I passed!) I'll be sharing some of the indoor photos took for my second presentation soon in another post. I am really proud of myself for how far I have came since I started college, photographing products etc... was something I wasn't too bad at from doing blogging but outdoor photography wasn't my strength and I feel I am getting better at it.
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  1. Your photography is stunning Jordanne! You have a real eye for capturing a beautiful shot. I love the photo of the pier, it looks so professional like something you would find in a magazine. Great work! <3

    Bexa |

  2. These are fabulous Jordanne! I especially love the pier one. Since getting my camera, which was mainly for vlogging. I have got into taking photos, but need to go out and try some like you have. Can’t wait to see more of your photography xx

    Stacey |

  3. I didn't know you were studying phototograpy! Although I probably should have guessed because your photos on your blog and on Insta are always so beautiful. I love the pier photos in this piece the best, the colour contrast and shot composition is so gorgeous. A lovely insight into your work and passion, thank you!

    Lisa |

  4. These are all brilliant Jordanne! You have such a talent for photography. I especially love the one of the pier xx

    Tiffany x