Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

When it comes to Valentines day dates I always get really worked up over what to wear, do I go really dressy or do I go casual? Well I guess it depends on the type of date doesn't it? So I have put together a few ideas for outfits for different date Ideas.

Dinner and Drinks

For my first outfit of choice I went with a pretty dress from New Look which looks absolutely stunning. I really like the details in it because it stands out but can be dressed up or dressed down. I paired it with a leather Jacket as that's very much my style, I like to keep it looking casual smart and this one from ASOS is right up my street. To tie in the jacket with the outfit I chose some beaut black strappy shoes, some people may not be too thrilled about open toe shoes so I thought these were a great compromise to get the best of both. Last up the cute bag from River Island goes really well with the dress and it's colouring and this seemed like the perfect choice for a valentines day, date night. 

For this outfit I thought going a little more fancy was a good idea. I wanted a dress that would stand out so this red lace one was the only choice in my mind. Pairing this with a long coat to smarten it right up seemed like the perfect pairing, I loved the colour of this coat to say the least. To keep the look cohesive I decided a nice pair of open toed grey heels was the right choice then add in some colour choosing a red bag that look's very high end. 

Cinema Date 

When you go to the cinema it's always a good idea to dress comfy so I chose some items that are both comfy and stylish. I paired some high waisted jeans with a nice jumper, both of which are extremely cosy and comfy, I know, I have them! Perfect for sitting in a big screen watching a good movie. Keeping with the subtle pink theme I chose these Vans that look great with the jumper and them throwing in a cute back pack because you need somewhere to put those pre bought munchies, right?

With my second cinema look I wanted to keep it cute and comfy with a nice dress paired with some converse. Throw some tights in with this, a lovely jacket and chunky scarf if needed then I can imagine this will be one hella cute outfit.

Night In

Lounge Wear Set

If your planning on a nice night in this year with some food, a good movie and curling up then lounge wear is always the best way to go. I thought this set looked cute and comfy so the best choice for a night in. 

Pyjama Set

If lounge wear isn't your style but you love comfy pj's then this set from next has a lovely design and look rather comfy as well. Curling up with these would be great for a night in.

No matter what you do this valentines day, wither you go out for a romantic date, go dancing with the girls or eat all the munchies in front of the tv I hope you have a lovely time and hopefully you take away some ideas from my post.

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  1. I absolutely love that first outfit! That dress is so pretty and I think it would go so well with that leather jacket xx

    Tiffany x