What's wrong with doing something you love?

For days now I keep racking my brain, trying to find out what's wrong with doing what I love because a lot of people seem to have very strong opinions on Bloggers at the moment.

By now I'm sure most people are aware of the "blogger/influencer" drama that happened. I'm not here to talk about that in detail, do I think the situation was mishandled? Yes. Do I think she should have done her research? Yes. Do I think she deserves the backlash of abuse? No. Do I think everyone has the right to an opinion? Yes. Do I agree that all 30+ have no idea about social media or approve of the mass bullying? No. I think this has been a situation that's gotten waaaay out of hand. No, the person didn't reveal her identity but readers took it upon themselves to find out (not going to lie, I was a little curious as well seeing as I seen the post on Facebook due to a Facebook "friend" commenting on it") There's been a lot of misinformation caught up in this story & it's exhausting to keep up with. Even though I'm not diving into detail about the whole thing I wanted to make some things clear in case anyone was wondering about my stance in this.
I'm here to talk about some down right disgusting comments I seen when this was all unfolding.

When scrolling down Facebook the post came up... again. Another blogger shared it speaking their thoughts on it so I clicked out of curiosity to see what else had been said, read all those wonderful comments calling all bloggers/influencers freeloaders, speaking of our superior complex and more. It's just lovely reading comments like that about the thing you love doing the most, seeing how everyone else who doesn't understand it views us. In case you didn't realise by Now, I'm being sarcastic.

This is where I saw a comment which had a fair few replies to it. The comment said anyone who considers themselves a blogger/influencer should kill themselves. There were so many replies applauding this comment, saying they won the internet and so on... why should I kill myself because I'm doing something I love? Why? Because you don't understand what I do? Because you don't view it as a real job? Granted, this isn't my job nor do I think it will be anytime soon but one day it might, right now it is for many though.

I think there's a big misconception around bloggers so let me tell you a bit about what we actually do. We pour our heart and soul into it. We carefully create content and share it to the world. We spend countless hours choosing the right words and proof reading. We edit. We take photos... a lot of photos. We edit. We promote promote promote. We have built a community around this. We partner with brands. We buy things just to review them. Before it even becomes a job we spend a hell of a lot of money just to create something in the hopes people will enjoy it. This isn't something you do without having a real passion and love for it, that wouldn't work because I think everyone has a way of telling when you don't enjoy it, it shows in your work and who's going to back someone who doesn't really enjoy what they are doing? Before becoming a blogger I would read countless posts, for years I stared at my screen watching others do something that they were in love with and it inspired me to start.

I have approached brands before, about 8 out of 10 I approach will reply and normally I strike up a relationship with them and we find a mutual arrangement that will benefit us both. Granted I do my research first, never contacting a company that hasn't worked with a blogger before. I have taken a back seat from this though as I haven't had to reach out, opportunities come to me now but when you start out sometimes you have to approach them first to get on their radar, there is no shame in it. There's no other form of advertising quite as cheap as bloggers but by no means am I saying we are cheap, where else would they be able to send a £4 product and get as much coverage as we give them? No where. It kills me this industry isn't taking serious, I am always buying products now after reading someone's review. The most trusted place for me to find an honest review of something is a blog. Too many times I bought something off the back of reading a magazine to find it was complete rubbish, it was like throwing money away but in the blogging world? I can read post upon post, find different skincare types and see how it worked for them. I base my buying decision on these, not from ads anymore and I know a hell of a lot of people who do the same. Times are changing and we have to move with it.

I pride myself on being honest. I will turn brand collaborations away if they do not fit. If a product doesn't work for my skin type I'll be honest. If I don't like the consistency of make up I'll say. I'm always honest and I'll never stray from that and so many other bloggers are the same and that's why I trust these reviews over any other. Luckily a lot of brands and companies recognise this, they see how good we are, we have a following and can offer something magazines can't, being relate-able, having a voice and using it. We are our own writers, editors, photographers and more. There's no big team here being paid to tell you what you should and shouldn't like but rather one person, bringing their experience to you with stunning photos and easy reading.

So should I kill myself because I'm doing what I love? Should I kill myself because what I do is misunderstood? I don't beg for handouts nor am I a freeloader. I work hard. I raise a child. I attend college. I do so much more than my blog. Those who's full time job is blogging work damn hard as well, they don't sit back with their feet up raking in the money from doing nothing.  Freeloaders in this industry don't succeed because we have to work 10x harder to be recognised and taken seriously. Freeloaders wouldn't pour in the time and effort needed.

No one should be told to go kill themselves and this shouldn't have even been a thought. Sure, have your opinion, state what you think but don't wish someone's life away because you simply don't understand what we do.
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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this post. That whole situation made me pull my hair out. I completely agree with you. I also think the people who say they are freeloading don’t know anything about social media.

    They must be really unhappy with their lives to be so jealous of bloggers doing what they love!

    Let’s try to make 2018 the year of not caring what others think! Haha, it’s a hard one though!

    Kara x

  2. You said it! I read the whole debate on facebook a bit and the things people say I seriously just couldn't wrap my head around it. Such a great post and I completely agree with your thoughts, we are definitely aloud to do exactly what we love!


  3. Jordanne this is a really good post and even though I've been writing blogs for a while, I still feel I learnt a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you! This is a great post! You've said it all, blogging is much more than meets the eye. My self before creating a blog I didn't imagine what was under the surface and all that needed to be done for a blog to grow. However, I do feel like more and more people are realising what blogging really is, which is great :)


  5. Okay so I have no idea what the drama was all about, but I’ve seen so much hate towards bloggers on especially Facebook. It’s like Facebook have become this cesspool for hate and idiots.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! It's definitely more than what people assume it is! It's hard work for very little pay out.