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Valentines day can be a big day for a lot of people wither you are spending it with your loved one or your gals, It's fast becoming a day to celebrate love of all kinds. I've seen so many amazing posts about how to get the best out of a night on the town with your girls or all about planning the perfect date night but I wanted to bring some posts to you about getting ready for the day, no matter what you're doing. I received these toothpastes in exchange for my honest opinions. 

I've brought my picks of Valentines day outfits for any type of night you're going to have and show cased some beautiful prints to show that special someone just how much you care or completely winning at valentines day with witty and spot on cards and today I am here to talk to you all about getting your mouth in tip top condition for passionate kissing with 3 new toothpastes from SPLAT. With all these toothpastes I used them morning and night for one day each just to get a sense of the taste and how they felt in my mouth but ultimately I have started using the Dream tooth paste regularly and will move on to one of the others afterwards. After I have used each toothpaste for a reasonable amount of time I will come back with a full review of these toothpastes. 

Here's a quote from SPLAT all about these brilliant new toothpastes which have been made with care and love to help keep your oral care in the best shape possible.
"You have said it with a card, you have said it with chocolate and you have said it with flowers. Now say it with SPLAT'S Love, Chili or Dream toothpaste"

SPLAT toothpaste

Chili Toothpaste 

When I first saw this toothpaste I must admit, I was a little sceptical because Chili? Really? It's not a flavour I have ever heard of in toothpaste before so I was hesitant to even put it in my mouth but I am glad I did. When it first entered my mouth I was not sure on it at all and I can't say it's my favourite from the three but it did make my teeth feel clean, it's perfect for anyone who has gotten bored of those daily toothpaste tastes that just don't cut it for you. It had a slight burn to it but nothing I couldn't handle. My gran had a go at it as well and her gums were just too sensitive for this so if you have pretty sensitive gums then maybe this isn't the one for you but no worries, there is still a huge range of SPLAT products you can use! I must say, this is such a unique toothpaste, not something I have ever seen before and I think its rather genius, it contains spicy chili pepper extract which helps in maintaining gums because it improves blood circulation and penetrates nutrients into the gums which in turn improves gum elasticity and density.  

SPLAT toothpaste

Dream Toothpaste 

Next up is the Dream toothpaste and by far my favourite of the three! From the moment I used it the taste was bursting throughout my mouth which made me extremely happy as I don't like bland tastes. My mouth felt super fresh and my teeth good to go for the day which is everything you want in a toothpaste right? I think this is the one I am going to be using going forward to see the effects it will have on my teeth plus it doesn't hurt to use then when getting ready to do all the kissing ;) With this sparkling toothpaste with wild strawberry extract has been specially designed to help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent dental plaque formation. The dream toothpaste contains betaphrolinr which is a natural ingredient that helps you maintain a good mood (ain't that some cool science?!) 

This is what SPLAT say:
"The mucus membrane of the lower surface of the tongue is much thinner than that of the upper, this is because here there are many thin blood vessels and capillaries. They ensure rapid absorption of SPLAT's DREAM toothpaste allowing for the active betaphroline component to penetrate rapidly in the bloodstream, stimulating production of endorphins and improving ones emotional state."

SPLAT toothpaste

Love Toothpaste

Last but by no means least is the Love toothpaste. With a beautiful raspberry flavour that leaves you with a mint after taste means your mouth feels mighty fresh and ready to go. SPLAT have created this amazing toothpaste with passionate kissing in mind making it the perfect toothpaste to use this valentines day. Love contains a unique blend of Japanese perilla seeds which is a plant traditionally used in Japanese cuisine that helps to prevent tooth decay. It also contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate that's a natural sweetener that protects and soothes the gums and liquorice tree extract that is a strong antiseptic agent. All these ingredients make this a power toothpaste to keep your teeth in tip top condition and make your mouth burst with freshness. What I loved about this one was the fact my mouth felt fresh for hours after brushing, I really enjoyed using this one for sure. I also love the fact that this toothpaste effectively protects oral cavity from the herpes simplex virus!! Nice added bonus to it.

Now that I have spoken about my thoughts on these toothpastes, here's what SPLAT have to say about their toothpastes:

"SPLAT ethically and scientifically, develops and manufactures professional oral care solutions for the whole family. A family-run business, available in more than 60 countries, that strives to create the very best products that will provide healthy oral care solutions and will promote some happiness around the world, one smile at a time.

Revolutionising oral care with their innovative approach to ingredients, the product formula's that are created by SPLAT are a result of their own extensive studies, as well as in co-operation with foreign colleagues and universities. SPLAT aim to provide maximum efficacy for the consumer. Their White System perfectly cleans teeth, leaving shiny without damaging tooth enamel or increasing tooth sensitivity. SPLAT's Luctatol System came as a result of in-depth international research. Its proven inhibitory effect (up to 96%) on dental plaque formation and development of tooth decay, which has led to SPLAT's global recognition."
- Taken from the press release

Fancy getting your hands on some of these fantastic toothpastes? Then head on over to the SPLAT website where there is a huge range -

You can also buy SPLAT in Superdrug stores.

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