Friday, 2 March 2018

March Advertisers

Hello lovelies! And welcome back to my blog, today's post is all about my amazing March advertisers who I am so honoured to have with me this month. Why not grab a cuppa and get checking out some amazing blogs, I'm sure you'll love them!

First up I have Sarah from with me this month for advertising! Sarahs blog is just beautiful, form the layout to her pictures, it's such a lovely blog. One post that I really loved reading was her "Haller & Glow Unicorns Exist face mask" review and it's no secret why I loved this post... Unicorns and a primark buy? YES PLEASE! 

A Little About Sarahs Blog:

"Hey! I’m Sarah, a small but bold 22 year old from Glasgow! I’ve been told I’m so small that I have to say I’m “smol”. I originally started my blog way back in 2012 as a way of sharing my love of beauty and skin care with people as my mum was more than fed up of me always harping on about “this new lipstick” that I got."
Sarahs' Links:

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Next up we have Lisa from with me again this month for advertising and I am so honoured. Lisa is such an amazing and supportive woman, I honestly love knowing her. I always love reading her posts but my favourite recently has to be "Mud and bloom kids nature, craft & gardening February box review

"So, a little more about me. I’m a first (and last!) time mum to a seven year old daughter, wife to a lovely husband, and concierge to three cats. I also work as a freelance Digital Manager – you can find me on LinkedIn if you’re looking for any help with social media, copywriting, or project management!"

I have Ellen from with me again this month and I just love that she keeps coming back to advertise with me, I honestly love her style of blogging and all her photos are just stunning. I always enjoy scrolling through her blog and reading some new tips and such, one post I have really enjoyed is "Mothers Day Gift Guide Ideas" it's filled with some fantastic ideas and definitely gave me food for thought. 

A Little About Ellen's Blog:

"All things vintage for me started with my grandmother passing on her Old Country Roses China Tea Set when she passed away. It was then that I realised the quality, and the uniqueness of vintage. Which is why my lifestyle and parenting blog also has a little vintage twist!"

Ellens' Links:



Last but by no means least I have Katie from with me this month. It has been very interesting reading her history blog which is just full of amazing information and really educational to be honest. The post I have loved reading the most so far has to be "Almost kings: Robert Curthose". 

A Little about Katie:

"My name is Katie and I am the Creative Historian! During my four years at university studying ancient history I noticed that there was no where that I could buy Classics-themed goodies for the friends I made on my courses. After my degree finished I made an attempt at self-employment while working part time. It didn't work. In the end I moved to London after getting a full-time job in the archives sector."
Katies' Links:

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Thank you to all my advertisers this month for taking a package with me! I am truly grateful and I can't wait to get sharing your amazing blogs to the world.

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