March To Do

I really love making to do lists, I find it really helps me keep on top of everything I have to do and after the success of my January to do list I wanted to do a new one every month in the hopes that I can keep myself motivated. Unfortunately due to my health I wasn't able to keep on top of my February to do list but I have high hopes that I will be able to clear my March to do list and achieve everything on it. 

● Buy a new eye cream - I am really getting on top of my skincare right now, I feel like I haven't been as serious as I could be about it so after doing lots and lots of research I have made a skincare routine that's hopefully really going to work for me. For this skincare routine I do need a good eye cream though so I am on the hunt for one that's going to suit me. 

● Get a pillow sleep spray  - I keep saying to myself that I need a new sleep spray but I haven't actually picked one up yet and I probably should. I love using them as I feel a sense of calm when I do and I know it sort of helps me sleep better.

● Drink more water - I was doing so well with drinking more water at the start of the year but now I feel like I just don't get enough so this is definitely one thing I really want to achieve.

● Have an arts and crafts day one day a week - Leon is at an age where I really want to stimulate his mind. He loves playing with his cars and such but I wish he would want to sit down and create more with paints and such so I am going to set up one day a week where I put all the arts and crafts stuff out and we spend a few hours making things. I have researched a few crafts for us to tackle so I am hoping this will be fun for him.

● Use my Salon Gift Voucher - I got a gift voucher for a local salon at Christmas which I still haven't used yet so I would like to use it this month on maybe a deep tissue massage or something like that, just have a complete pamper day. 

● Have a weekend away - This last one is cheating almost because I know it's already happening haha At the end of March I'm being whisked away for a surprise weekend which I am SOOOOOO excited about, I think it's well needed to say the least. 

And that's my March to do list. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this month my health will be better making all my goals achievable. 

A look back at February's to do:  

● Plan a really nice not valentines day, date -  This worked out pretty well if I am honest. I planned an xbox night with a takeaway which was good but I wish I was able to do more, just annoyed my health stopped me being able to. 

● De-clutter all my DVD's - As my health hasn't been the best through February I haven't managed to do much and de-cluttering my dvds was on the bottom of the list so I didn't manage to get this done. 

● Get a lovely new Jumper/Top - Again, my health pretty much brought the whole month to a halt for me and this meant no shopping sadly, maybe in March I'll get one. 

● Get something from Lush's new Valentines Range - Nope, didn't get anything.... BLOOMING HEALTH STOPPING ME GOING OUT!

● Make some cupcakes - This one... This one I actually achieved!!! Leon and I made some cupcakes for him to take to nursery but then all the snow happened and he didn't go in so we ate them all. They were yummy.

● Contact Brands I would love to work with - Yep, My health stopped this. I wasn't in any mood to start sending emails out which is a shame as I was really looking forward to this one :( 

Februarys to do list really didn't go as planned at all, My health was really bad, so much so I ended up in hospital and then little bears health went down hill as he caught a horrible Viral and it was just a waste of a month if I'm honest. I am hoping March goes much better.

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  1. Good luck with all your goals, I hope you manage to reach them! I also hope you're feeling better from February. It sounds like you deserve the weekend away xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I love this post. I do to do lists but they mainly consists of tidy house sort out this sort out that. I need to incorporate more things like buy a top. Go away for the weekend. This us great I am inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm the same with water! I was doing super well and now I feel like I'm just dehydrated all the time, ugh.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode