IT Cosmetics - Are they all It?

Do you love make-up? Do you enjoy finding those products that are just right for you? I know I do. I have been trying out some pieces from IT cosmetics that I was so kindly sent and I have quite a few opinions on each of them, so sit back, get a cuppa in hand and get ready to read all about these new products that have made it into my make-up routine over the past few weeks. 


Old English Company - Lust Worthy Products*

grey, you've got this a5 notebook from Old English Company

Don't you just love beaut products that fit you aesthetic perfectly? because same and Old English Company have me LIVING for their range. 


The Big Spring Clean

Spring, it is finally here and for me that means a huge clear out of the house. Every year we put on those rubber gloves, get out the disinfectant, gather all the black bin bags and take a whole weekend to spruce the house up. This is one of the most satisfying parts of the spring and although I could do this any time of the year, spring seems to put a fire under me that has me whizzing about the place.


Embracing me; Getting in front of the Camera

Last month I poured my heart into a past entitled Embracing Me. It's all about loving myself again, accepting I am who I am and to love it. I decided that every month I would expand on this and talk about the ways in which I'm starting to love myself again and this is my first follow on post. So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy!


5 Ways to Rebuild Your Credit Score*

Ahhh, becoming an adult. It's all parties and good times right? Well at least that's what I thought when I was younger, but now it's filled with having to watch money, pay bills, make sure we have enough to eat and a roof over our heads. Don't get me wrong, there are parties and plenty of good times but I am more aware of my finances now and when I was just 18 I was silly and ended up wrecking my credit score a little... OOPSE! 


For The Love Of Tea

When the kettle is boiling I feel a sense of relief, the stress drains away from me slowly and then I hear the sound of the steam, the water is almost boiled and I'm one step closer to enjoying a little cup of heaven. Tea is everything, I love a good cuppa after a stressful day at college or after dropping little bear at nursery, when I think about all the times I sit down to relax about 80% of them involve a good cuppa. 


Finding The Love Again

It seems to be a common theme with me the past few months where I fall in and out of love with Instagram. The relationship we have is like a roller coaster at the moment where one minute I absolutely love it and the next I'm packing my bags, ready to leave. 


Top Tips For Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful time, trying to find the right boxes, loosing those much needed items and trying to find the right moving company. Having been through this myself on more occasions than I care to admit I have compiled a list of my top tips for moving house to help you make this stressful yet exciting time as easy as possible. 


Eating Out In Glasgow | Amore Ristorante

If you're looking for a fantastic Italian restaurant in Glasgow that has delicious food, friendly staff and a great atmosphere then Amore is the place to be. A great family run restaurant that offers a wide variety of food that you're bound to like, situated in the perfect spot it's a great choice for any meal out.

A New Chapter

In our lives we have many, many chapters. It's the longest book we will ever live and it's all filled with highs and lows, the good times and the bad but no matter what, it's our journey.


April To Do

I am seriously loving my To Do lists, they are helping me stay on top of stuff, I had great success in January, a little wobble in February (due to my health) then great success in march again. Let's hope this month I get the same good results and manage to achieve everything. 


4 Home Improvements that won't take all weekend

As busy parents, whether we’re at home with the kids or juggling a job at the same time, we can all agree that our time is precious. We’d all rather spend our hard-earned weekends with our feet up or spending time with the family. So, when it comes to home improvements, they not only take a backseat, but they might as well be in another car!


April Advertisers

Hello lovlies and welcome back to another advertisers post! This month I have a great bunch of girls with me, so sit back, grab a cuppa and get ready to read some awesome blogs. 

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