4 Home Improvements that won't take all weekend*

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As busy parents, whether we’re at home with the kids or juggling a job at the same time, we can all agree that our time is precious. We’d all rather spend our hard-earned weekends with our feet up or spending time with the family. So, when it comes to home improvements, they not only take a backseat, but they might as well be in another car!

 But not to worry, here you’ll find a few home improvement ideas that you can do over a weekend, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with the family and a gorgeous home to boot!

Your bathroom 

Poor old bathroom. It get’s a lot of traffic during the day and puts up with a lot. It’s no wonder our bathrooms get so tired looking so quickly. And they’re not exactly top of the list when it comes to home improvements. But did you know you can spruce up your bathroom in no time at all? You could pick up a paintbrush and tackle a bare wall if you’re feeling adventurous or maybe hang a picture or two by the towel rail to brighten the room up a bit. Or if you want to treat yourself at the same time, then get yourself some new, vibrant bathroom accessories to give the room a little bit of a colour boost. 

If you’re looking for some more bathroom inspiration, then try this website

The front door

Despite what people say, first impressions do count (sometimes!) The same goes for your front door. If your front entrance is looking a little worse for wear, then don’t worry. If you’re wanting a complete change then take the kids and head to a hardware store and let them help you choose a new colour for the front door. 

Or if warmer days are on the way, head to your local supermarket or nursery and invest in a couple of planters to place at either side of the doorway. The burst of colour and the symmetry will give your home a pleasant and inviting feel

Illuminate the possibilities!

Time to ditch that dusty old lampshade and install something that really reflects your own taste. Geometric styles are popular right now as are large, oversized standing lamps. Filling those dark and dingy corners with light will lift everyone’s mood and it’s a great way to add a touch of style and elegance to your home.

Kitchen facelift

Everyone has their idea of a dream kitchen. But most budgets don’t often stretch that far. However, if you’re feeling creative, a kitchen with a new look can be a reality. It’s time to visit the hardware shop again and pick yourself a bright, vibrant colour to paint your cabinets with. Or a more muted tone, it’s up to you! Ok, this project might be a little more time consuming than most, but the uplift you’ll give your tired old units will be totally worth it.

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  1. I'm actually in a process of collecting some new stuff for our bathroom. Living with parents makes all changes harder, but I'll going in with baby steps and currently just changing soap dispenser, toothbrush holder etc :) also, I didn't think of painting doors, but I'll definitely suggest that to my parents. hopefully they'll like the idea cause I LOVE painting stuff :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram