5 Ways to Rebuild Your Credit Score*

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Ahhh, becoming an adult. It's all parties and good times right? Well at least that's what I thought when I was younger, but now it's filled with having to watch money, pay bills, make sure we have enough to eat and a roof over our heads. Don't get me wrong, there are parties and plenty of good times but I am more aware of my finances now and when I was just 18 I was silly and ended up wrecking my credit score a little... OOPSE! 

I wanted to make some extra money on top of my wages so I signed up to be a party host for a company and I was excited but I wasn't aware of hidden weekly charges, having to meet quotas and the commission I earned was a LOT less than initially stated. This lead me to quit, I just packed it in saying no more and this is when I found out about alllll the hidden charges because I was stopping. It was a nightmare to say the least and I was so stressed out that I kind of buried my head in the sand which lead to the charges being passed over to a debt collectors agency which then impacted my credit score... I was furious, embarrassed and shocked all at the same time. Your credit score doesn't just impact your mortgage or getting a credit card it can also impact things like getting a mobile phone or even renting a house. I paid back all my debt but my credit score was ruined and I didn't know what to do, eventually I done my research and I have managed to build it right back up again which I'm proud of so I wanted to share some ways to help others if they ever find themselves in a situation like this. 

Start by checking your credit score, there are lots of places that will give you a free credit rating but I personally use Experian for mine and I love it. Any lender, banks etc... look at your most recent history in terms of checking your credit score so start changing your financial habits as soon as you can (please note that this is targeted to those who are 18 years of age plus). Here are 5 ways to help you rebuild your credit score.

1: Repay all your Debts 

I feel this one goes without saying but if you have any debts then pay them off as soon as you can. Most debt companies are really great, they are so helpful and can help you tailor a plan to suit your budget to ensure that you can afford to repay your debt. Try not to miss or default on any of your repayments, this can end up affecting your credit rating more so always pay on time. Getting rid of the debt and having it marked as fully paid will be a huge step in rebuilding your credit score.  

2: Use affordable loans to your advantage   

Using an affordable loan as a way to rebuild your credit can be very useful. Making regular payments, showing you're reliable is a smart move to make but always make sure that you take out a loan that you know you can repay and don't borrow more than you can afford, You can secure a loan online at Cash Lady which will help you in rebuilding your credit score. Cash Lady are a reputable short-term loan lender who really do care about their customers, their aim is to help customers have an easy journey when they use their services. They are committed to treating their customers fairly, being honest, clear and transparent. Cash Lady are authorised and regulated by the financial Conduct Authority and it means that everything they do has to be compliant with the regulations set out by the FCA so you can have extra piece of mind when you borrow through Cash Lady. 

What I personally like about cash lady is that there is no hidden fees, they are honest and open plus they don't charge for making applications. Cash lady are committed to providing the highest standard of products and services to customers. 

3: Cancel unused credit and store cards 

Cancelling unused credit cards and store cards (make sure they have 0 left to pay on them) is a smart move, having access to too much available credit can hurt your application instead of help so you may think that having a bunch of cards is better than having a good solid one or two but it's not. Closing down old and unused cards will really help lower your available credit.

Just stick t a good few cards, ones you know that you can use and pay off on time without creating more debt, it will be better for you. 

4: Use a Credit Rebuild Card 

Credit rebuilding cards can be a really good way to help you build your credit score back up if you use them correctly. It can be hard to get a card once your rating has taken a hit but there are companies out there who would give you one the only catch is that it will be a high APR. The trick is to use the card then pay the balance off in full when your statement comes in so you avoid any interest being added on. It's also good to know that if you do occur any interest on a credit card etc... that the interest is added onto the full amount that was on the card, not the balance that is still outstanding so for example if you had £100 on the card, paid back £50 and still had £50 to pay but you couldn't on time so interest was added on it would be interest on the whole £100, its handy to know this, I wasn't aware of this at one point and did get some interest on my card thinking it would be a % of the £20 I had left on it but it was actually a % of the £175 I had spent. 

For a credit rebuild card I took out a credit card from Vanquis that approves a lot of people with bad credit ratings but has a high APR and I used this every month to buy the shopping on, made sure I kept the money for it in my bank then when the statement came in I paid it off. After a year this made a huge difference and I was thankful I done it and now I couldn't live without the card as I still use it to this day. I keep my usage frequent and always repay on time.

5: Have Good Financial Habits 

Last but by no means least, have good financial habits. This also feels like a bit of a no brainer but it's important to make sure you're careful and are smart with your finances. Make sure you never borrow more than you can afford if taking out a loan, always repay on time, don't over do it with credit cards and remember that it does take time, there is no overnight fix for this sort of thing so you have to be in it for the long haul. Remember than lenders or banks etc... will check your recent financial history so it's important to keep on top of it all. It took me a few years to really get my credit score in the all clear if you like but it was worth it, making sire I didn't overdo it and that I was smart with money. I'm so thankful now because I can take out a mobile phone if I want, I can apply for a mortgage or even a bank loan. Just having the freedom to do all that is nice instead of worrying that it's not possible. 

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  1. These were great tips!! A lot of young adults don't think about building their credit but it's SO important.

    Morgan | Her vs. World | hervsworld.com

  2. Great tips, I paid off my credit card towards the end of last year along with my overdraft. I used a balance transfer credit card and money transfer credit card with 0% interest for 19 months. This helped me consolidate my debts and pay them off more easily.