For The Love Of Tea

When the kettle is boiling I feel a sense of relief, the stress drains away from me slowly and then I hear the sound of the steam, the water is almost boiled and I'm one step closer to enjoying a little cup of heaven. Tea is everything, I love a good cuppa after a stressful day at college or after dropping little bear at nursery, when I think about all the times I sit down to relax about 80% of them involve a good cuppa. 

Being a tea lover wasn't always my thing and dare I say it, I'm not the biggest fan of the "traditional" tea, sugar and milk combination so when I discovered different kinds of teas like herbal, green, fruit etc.. I was in heaven! I could finally enjoy tea, I was able to say "I'm sitting down with a cuppa" like so many others do and I didn't feel like I was missing out anymore, my world was opened up to a whole new universe. If you are a tea lover like myself or even want to dive into the world of tea then Adagio will be able to sort you right out with their extensive range of teas. 

I've had the pleasure of tasting a wide range of teas and I have to say, I've loved every minute of it. It's been exciting having a new flavour of tea near enough every day, there is enough for an army here now! Some of my favourites have been the berry teas and the Green teas but my ultimate favourite so far has to be the peach olong, I'm now finished it and I'm excited to get some more, I definitely think once I've gone through a bit more tea I'll restock because it's been great drinking as much tea as I have. 

On Adagio you can also buy teaware, there's such an extensive range filled with beautiful ceramic tea pots, stunning glassware and so much more! I was really lucky in getting a Pink ceramic teapot which also comes with a strainer for the loose tea, I also received two beautiful cups with it that are perfect for tea for two. I have used this set a few times now when people have stopped by and I always get complimented on the set, it's the perfect talking point.  

I was also sent a lovely ceramic cup that came with an infuser that makes having a little cup of tea in what ever flavour you want super easy. This is probably the cup I use most the now because it's really easy to make my cup and take it about with me, plus the lid of the cup also doubles as a holder for the metal infuser. 

If you're more inclined to use actual tea bags then you can also purchase paper tea filters to put your loose tea in. I've used these a couple of times and I do like them but I'm more of an infuser type person, I just like them better but these paper filters do the trick all the same, this has been great for anyone coming over who maybe want's to try a different tea from me and would rather use that. These are also perfect when you want a cuppa but your infuser is getting washed and you just cannot wait, really handy to have. 

There are so many teas on Adagio you can choose from, their range really is massive. They have sample boxes which in my opinion aren't just sample boxes, each box has 4 different packets in it with different teas for you to try, it's a great way to get a few different teas to taste without having to pay over the odds for them all. You can get a few of these boxes, try a load and then go buy the ones you really like, it saves waste in my opinion. 

As I said above, I loved the peach olong but the strawberry tea was also really tasty, a tea that hit the spot nicely and went down pretty well. The Green Teas of China was a pretty good box as well, the Sleeping Dragon from that box was my favourite, tasted fabulous so I would really recommend that tea if you like a heavy tasting tea that has a great aftertaste to it. 

Wither you're in the market for trying new flavours of tea or if you're already an avid tea lover then Adagio teas is for you, so many choices in both the tea and teawear departments. You'll find something for you no bother and the fact you can get everything you need in one place is fantastic. If you're interested in learning more about tea, the health benefits and the difference between teabags vs loose then you can head on over to Adagios info page where they have a ton of information that will help you out. 

There's also the option to sign up to the Tea Of The Month club where you can have two types of tea delivered to your home each month for you to try, it's a great way to try out new teas without putting too much thought into it.  

All in all I am so in love with Adagios, I really like the idea of getting everything in one place which makes it so much easier than having to shop about in different places and the options are so vast, I just can't get enough of their teas. 

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*In collaboration with Adagio Teas*


  1. I love the packaging on those teas - so very pretty! I'd love to join the tea of the month club so will have to look into that for sure!

  2. I love a good cup of tea too! I've somehow managed to start a teapot collection without intending to, but I keep seeing ones I like. My favourite is my pink flamingo teapot.

  3. Love this, your photos are gorgeous, such pretty colours! I really like the pink tea set, and my daughter is a huge fan of herbal teas (as am I but not as much) so she would be delighted with such a great selection, Also, as I've been getting into zerowaste principles, loose tea is a much better option because of the plastic that is currently in teabags.

  4. I love finding new teas to experiment with. My dad is the ultimate tea-king & has two cupboards in his kitchen dedicated to tea!

  5. The packaging on these teas are amazing, love it. Your photos are incredible and the pink tea set is everything I need in life!

    Rachael -

  6. I'm so glad I've found someone else who prefers flavoured tea as opposed to normal tea, most of my family think I'm a bit strange aha. I looove trying funky new tea flavors, peach olong sound delicious. I may have to check Adagios out. Also, the photos in this are so amazing xx

  7. Never head of paper bags before really cool! I usually use like a little teapot for my loose tea. The flavours are right up my street! Especially the strawberry one. Great post x

    Laura /