IT Cosmetics - Are they all It?

Do you love make-up? Do you enjoy finding those products that are just right for you? I know I do. I have been trying out some pieces from IT cosmetics that I was so kindly sent and I have quite a few opinions on each of them, so sit back, get a cuppa in hand and get ready to read all about these new products that have made it into my make-up routine over the past few weeks. I was Gifted this make up in exchange for my honest review. 

First up is the Bye Bye Under eye concealer

I am always looking for something that's going to help rid me of my dark under eyes and will stay in place all day, I was really excited to see how this would work with my skin, would it really be full coverage? would it stay in place all day? 

This concealer comes in 6 different shades, it's said to make your skin look younger, it has peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and more plus they say it's a highly pigmented full coverage concealer, so is it? well yes, yes it is! I was over the moon with this concealer, it's now my favourite ever as it's the only one I have used that covered my dark circles completely, the redness around my nose and stays in place the whole day. With this concealer you only need a tiny little bit as it goes far, I was extremely impressed as when I first used it I did put on how much I would normally use with any other but it was far too much and I ended up having to just use it all over my face so that's a major pro, It's a concealer that's going to last a good while. My only con with this, and it's such a tiny con, was that when I first tried to use it, it literally took me about 10 minutes to even get any product out and I was so ready to give up trying but after that first initial use it's been no problem to come out, it's easy and it's not a tube that allows loads to flow out and waste the product which I like. The consistency is a little thick but it's easy to blend with your fingers, beauty blender and brush so you have options and do what you like and the coverage is very opaque. 

All in all, this concealer gets a huge thumbs up from me and I recommend any tired mama out there picks this up as it will hide those dark circles haha 

Next up is their Tightline 3-in1 Mascara. 

This product was the one I was most dubious about, I opened it to see the type of brush and I was met with a little thin stick... I laughed a little thinking what the? I just didn't understand it at all and I was sure it couldn't work very well. 

This product is a 3-in-1 primer, eyeliner and mascara, the skinny wand has been designed to help get to the root of your lashes to lay down pigment between lashes which gives an instant tightline eyeliner definition which will help give the look of a fuller lash line. Now does it work? YES YES and YES! After being worried about this product I ended up falling in love, the skinny wand is perfect for getting every single lash and since using this product I haven't had any clumping, my lashes look AMAZING and I've been complimented on them a lot over the past few weeks which is a big confidence boost. For me this is one of the best mascaras I have ever used, it's way up there with the soap and glory one that I am crazy about, I just can't get enough of it if I'm honest. My lashes look like they could touch the sky, they don't clump and the mascara doesn't move all day so this is a 5 star product in my eyes, for me it's amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. 

Now onto the CC+ Cream with SPF 50+. 

I was super excited to try this product out, I've heard many good things and I've been looking for a new CC cream to wear as I haven't found one that works too well with my skin yet and actually stays on my face. After using this for a few weeks I'm still not 100% sure on it. 

The Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is a full coverage CC cream with anti-ageing hydrating serum and comes in 7 shades (I went for Medium) and has a pump action top. It's said to be full coverage, hydrating, helps conceal dark spots, will reduce appearance of pores, brighten and more. So does it do all this? the simple answer is yes but it's more complicated than that for me as I have had a few different experiences with this CC cream. 

The first time I used the CC cream I was wowed, all the redness in my face was gone, completely and you could not see it at all which just filled me with joy. The consistency is very thick and you don't need a whole lot of it to cover your face which I like as you wont burn through the product. I did feel like my face looked better, it had a smoother finish to it and an over all more even complexion which is obviously what I'm looking for. This was my thoughts the first few times I used this then one day I put it on, just like I had been doing and between putting that on then going to put my foundation on my face was very patchy, the coverage felt overly thick and for some reason it just didn't sit well at all, I ended up washing all the make up off and trying again and the same result happened. I was hella frustrated because the product had been working very well for me up until that point. I left it a few days and tried again which saw the over all finish look a little better but my face started going very patchy again... I just don't understand it because I gave it another try on another day and all of a sudden it worked absolutely fabulous with my skin. It's very frustrating not knowing if it's going to work one day or not but when it does sit well on my skin it's fabulous, I love it and I've recommended it to everyone. I do know that the product not cooperating with my face is most likely due to the condition of my skin sometimes so it has highlighted the fact if my skin feels a little dry and then oily on my T zone, it's probably not the day for me to wear this. 

Although I have had differing results with the CC cream I would recommend it, just because it's doing this with my face doesn't mean it will do it with yours and I have seen a lot of reviews where this hasn't been the results so it's just everyone's own experience with it, keep that in mind, don't let my weird experience put you off haha.

All in all I would give the products I have tried a major thumbs up and the mascara is the biggest surprise for me as it's amazing. If you haven't tried any of these yet I would suggest you go check them out, It's been a fabulous experience trying all of these out for sure and I'm so grateful to have the chance.

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*In collaboration with IT Cosmetics - All thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. I really want to try out the CC cream everyone is always raving about it! <3

  2. That mascara wand looks so strange! Its tiny! Although from what you've said, maybe I should try it!

    How weird the CC cream was so inconsistent! Must be down to the condition or hydration of your skin on any given day, probably wouldn't work for me, my skin is a little all over the place at the moment!

    Em x

    1. I know right? I really like it because of it's size, it helps to avoid clumps tbh.

  3. I really want to try the CC cream but I have so many others that I have to wait a bit longer until I can purchase it .

    1. The CC cream just didn't work for me, I've seen quite a few others who had a problem with it drying out and crusting bit hopefully when you try it, you will like it