The Big Spring Clean

[AD] Spring, it is finally here and for me that means a huge clear out of the house. Every year we put on those rubber gloves, get out the disinfectant, gather all the black bin bags and take a whole weekend to spruce the house up. This is one of the most satisfying parts of the spring and although I could do this any time of the year, spring seems to put a fire under me that has me whizzing about the place.

Please note that I was kindly sent these products in exchange for a blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I really like a tidy and organised house although sometimes that gets away from me so it's important I get everything in tip top condition again and I think this year has been the biggest clean out yet! We threw so much away, got things ready for the charity shop and basically re organised the house. There's still a little way to go as we have also took on the project of decorating the house, so much is changing right now for us so it's only right the house changes with us. 

As it's spring clean season here, I was very grateful to be sent some bits and pieces from Home Bargains to help spruce up the house, all of which got put to good use I can assure you! I was sent a little bundle which included some very thick pink rubber gloves, a pack of cloths, a beautiful scented candle, such a cute wall hanging decoration, some Cif bathroom cleaner and a diffuser which smells amazing.

Everything I received from Home bargains has been put to good use that's for sure. The bathroom clean was really handy, on one of the days where we were gutting everything the bathroom has a little overhaul and this included scrubbing it from head to toe. Along with this we used the rubber gloves and one of the cloths, I really like how thick the rubber gloves were if I'm honest, I hate the ones where it feels like they could rip any moment so some sturdy ones were highly appreciated. The pack of cloths were a god send to be honest, once it came to doing our cleaning we realised we didn't have any until I whipped these ones out. I have no complaints about the cloths, they didn't rip, got the job done perfectly and they have colourted edges so I found this helpful for remembering hat room we were using the cloth for, don't want the one we used in the bathroom cleaning the kitchen units haha. 

Buying cleaning products for the big spring clean can sometimes be a nightmare, our local supermarket always has half full shelves so the fact we have a home bargains about a two minute walk from there is very handy. You can get everything you need to spruce your home up from cleaners to candles. A few months back I was in and managed to get a load of cute frames and some new kitchen cups for the house and it all came to under £10 so I couldn't grumble, the bargains you get thin the shop really are jaw dropping, it lives up to its name for me. 

So if you're looking so have a bit of a home spruce up then keep Home Bargains in mind and give them a visit, they also have an extensive home range online which has wall papers, shelves, lighting and more but I would personally recommend going in store as there's a wide variety across a range of departments. The home pieces like the candle and wall decoration were great to received, I am a candle LOVER and there's no harm in adding another to the collection is there? I have been burning this one every night, just getting some candles and adding them to your home can be a really nice addition to make a space look cosy. The wall decoration has been added to our hall where we have also placed the diffuser, it fit's in perfectly and I like I can add my Polaroids to it. The plan is to get some cute family Polaroids in the house so we can add them to it, I really do love how nice it looks on the wall and the diffuser fits perfectly, the scent is still going strong which I can't complain about as some you get hardly last a week but not this diffuser! Just these simple little touches have made the world of difference in the home.

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*In collaboration with Home Bargains*


  1. I love Home Bargains, you can find some really great things in there, and it's so affordable too! I definitely need to pull my finger out and start my Spring clean xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Home bargains are one of my favourite shops. I have bought some fantastic pieces that would've cost me 4x the amount else where. Lovely post. I really need to do some spring cleaning also.

  3. Home bargains always have such lovely stuff. I wish there was one a little closer to me. I always do a spring clean, we moved house this year when I usually do it which worked out to be great timing.

  4. We have a Home Bargains where my other half's parents live and so always go there to stock up as it has such a fab range...perfect for a spruce up!

  5. I will definitely keep home bargains in mind as I have never shopped from them before. And I definitely need to do a spring clean too!

  6. Wow, is that your bathroom? It looks sparkling! I am so with you on the spring clean - once that sun shines (and shows up all my dust), I am on it! Sounds like there's some good deals going on at Home Bargains, too!

  7. I love Home Bargains. I cannot ever get over how great their prices are and just how much of a variety of things they have in store. I love your picture with pegs so much by the way.

  8. We are due a major Spring clean. It's so satisfying.

  9. I'm working on our spring clean at the moment. I wish I could spend more time on cleaning but with work and family life I have to break it up. I might be finished by next spring