Avengers: Infinity war at Fort Kinnaird

Avengers: Infinity War has been taking over the nation since it's release on 26th April and it's no surprise why. As of May 2nd Infinity war has grossed $857.5 Million worldwide since being released and racked up an impressive amount of reviews from critics worldwide. I must say, after viewing it at the ODEON in Fort Kinnaird I am completely obsessed and haven't stopped watching marvel films since.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to Fort Kinnaird for an experience at the ODEON and I have to say, that again, I was utterly impressed. I have written about Fort Kinnaird before with my post -  Odeon Experience at Fort Kinnaird where I viewed the new Saw movie so if you fancy it, give it a read!

I was dying to go see the new Avengers film as I am a huge Marvel fan and I have to say, the movie did not disappoint. Although I felt like it was a little slow in getting anywhere my over all thoughts are I would definitely go see it again.... and again.... and again. I feel like it would be a movie that gets better with each viewing and you would notice new details each time. Before I talk all about the movie without giving any spoilers I want to chat about my experience with the ODEON. 

Now, I love a good cinema trip, it's one of Stephen and I's favourite things to do together since we have a big love for movies so I was over then moon when I was invited along. After being to Fort Kinnaird before I knew what to expect and I was super excited to actually be able to have a full day shopping, food and cinema. When we arrived at the ODEON we were greeted with a lovely member of staff who couldn't have been more helpful, Logan was very nice, full of smiles and ready to help us with what ever we needed and that's exactly what I like to see as someone who can't help but be cheerful. The manager came out and gave us our tickets plus explained the new combo box at ODEON (more on that soon) He was super nice and made the whole interaction so easy, it really put me at ease knowing the staff were so nice. 

I've spoken about the kids section at the ODEON before in my last post but I just wanted to touch on it again as I think it's such a fab idea and being a mother myself it helps that there is a sweets area that also stocks some healthier snacks but allows for treats. 
Children can choose from a drink, popcorn and a treat, I think this is better than just buying a whole pick and mix (I'll have that for myself thank you hahaha) but it is a great idea especially if an adult gets one as well and the child can match with their own mini version. 

The cinema lay out is very straight forward, open planned and has everything placed in pain view, I do like the lay out as I could find exactly what I was looking for in no time. They stock a wide selection of treats and one of those treats is the new combo box. In the combo box you get a popcorn, hot dog and a drink all for £10 which is a great price as it would cost more to buy all of them separate. I'm not a hot dog fan by any means, in fact I actively avoid them if I can but since this was included in the deal I decided why not give it a try, it's been years since I ever tasted one, I did put some ketchup on it though to give it more taste than a plain hot dog where as Stephen went for a plain hot dog. As I'm not a huge hot dog fan I was fully expecting to hand it to Stephen to munch but surprisingly I really enjoyed it! The bun wasn't too hard and the hot dog was really tasty, it's definitely changed my mind about getting hot dogs at the cinema in the future and I would 100% get the combo box meal deal again as I found it the perfect treat for sitting watching a film. 

After getting our treats and tickets we headed into the screen to find our seats, luckily enough we got to experience the premium seats which have more leg room, are extremely comfy and are perfect for lazing back in to enjoy your chosen title, I would recommend sitting in these if you get the chance as I found it more relaxing with the leg room. All in all the whole experience at the ODEON in Fort Kinnaird was just fantastic and it didn't let me down, I loved going again and I managed to go shopping afterwards, there's such a huge variety of shops and restaurants making it a fab place for a day out. 

Now let me talk about the movie... 

Walking into the film I was super excited to watch the epic story unfold, I made sure not to search anything about the film before hand so I was completely in the dark and everything would be a surprise and what a surprise it was. Within the first five minutes I was crying, that was me a complete sobbing mess and it only got worse from there on in... I cried so many times during the movie it was unreal, there were some really unexpected scenes that tugged on the heart strings for sure leaving the audience both captivated and ready to jump into the big scene to fight for their favourite character. 

Although I felt like the story was a little slow to begin with I didn't mind it at all after all the action kicked in, many faces appeared which left me gagging for more, If I'm honest I literally could have stared at Dr Strange the whole time but that's a different matter altogether haha. I feel like marvel have really achieved a fantastic story line within the films plot, breaking it up with a few sub plots to really give you a sense of each character in more depth. At times I felt like the story would just be starting, it was getting to really juicy scenes then all of a sudden we were watching someone else go about their business which took a little getting used to as I did want a little longer spent on each sub plot that leads to the main plot. I really enjoyed how everything intertwined, showing how everyone comes together and seeing such bold characters like Thor and Star lord meet was absolutely hair raising, their witty banter back and fourth plus exceptional acting really made for some of the best scenes within the film and one of my favourites has to be Groot really rise up to be a champ for Thor, it's a part of the story I wasn't expecting but in retrospect it worked really well and tied in nicely.

With so many climatic moments through out the full movie, like seeing Black Panther and Captain America charge into battle plus the duo I never knew I needed in my life, Bucky and Rocket, it was an all over breath taking experience. 

So if you haven't been to see the new Avengers: Infinity war then get on down to your local cinema (definitely go to Fort Kinnaird if possible) and be prepared to have your breath taken away. 
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*I was invited along to Fort Kinnaird to see Avengers: Infinity war but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Ooooh this sounds like such a good movie I'm going to have to add this to our watch list - exciting!

  2. I also really enjoyed how everything intertwined and just seeing combos like Bucky and Rocket was the pairing I never knew I needed! Lovely review, the cinema looks awesome!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. I want to try and see this Film this weekend! Thanks for warning about the slow start, I always think its better if you are pre warned lol!

  4. I'm a massive Marvel fan and loved the film! Gotta love an Odeon experience too- my favourite part is always the nachos!

  5. This was a really interesting read as I've heard such mixed things about the film! Also bargain snack deal as it would be loads more individually

  6. This looks like a very cool cinema indeed. I have heard nothing but good things about the new Avengers movie and I'd love to go and see it.

  7. Not seen this film yet, I will have to check out my local cinema for sure. Loving the look of the pick and mix yummy x

  8. I've heard good things about the new Avengers. I love going to the cinema. Odeon cinemas are great.

  9. My partner would so love to see that! Odeon are always good cinema.

  10. This movie was fantastic I am definitely going to see it again! I love the front of this odeon it looks so modern!