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[AD/Gifted Meal] Last week Stephen and I went along to Burger and Bun in Bearsden for a lovely meal. If i'm honest I wasn't sure what to expect as it's not somewhere I knew about but after looking on their website I was curious to try out their menu. I'm so glad we went along as the experience was fabulous. 

Upon arrival at Burger and Bun I thought it was going to be really cramped inside as it doesn't look to big on the outside but once you get inside there is plenty of table space with an upstairs as well. The place was thriving when we got there which was nice to see, I love when a place has a great atmosphere and I definitely felt that in Burger and bun. 
The decor is quite modern, a lovely refresh of a restaurant where you can go, have a lovely relaxed meal and enjoy every minute of it, the lighting wasn't too bright which to me is spot on, when I'm eating I don't like overly exposed spaces as I like my privacy as much as I can get when ever i'm out and although the restaurant was busy, I didn't pay attention to anyone else as it felt personal. 

The menu isn't over filled with loads of dishes so it's very easy to read and get a sense of the food on offer, it feels like Burger and Bun are concentrating on a menu that they can execute well instead of lots of dishes that are just ok, for me I like restaurants that do what they do well and aren't crammed full of different dishes that make no sense to the aesthetic. Even though the name is Burger and Bun you can get a few other dishes like hot dogs, ribs, steaks and more. There's also a good range of side dishes to choose from and their burger choices are on point. 

As this was our first meal out in a few weeks we opted for a little drink as I think we deserved it, Stephen more than anything as he was a champ and came along with me even though his mouth was killing him from having his wisdom teeth removed. The drinks menu had a lot of choice which I liked, there were cocktails available, hard milkshakes, normal milkshakes and more. I opted for a Belinni which consists of prosecco and peach juice. This isn't something I have ever heard of before but WOW! It tasted amazing and I definitely want to have a try at making it myself after tasting it. 

For our mains Stephen went for the 8oz Sirloin Steak which comes with chips and BBQ sauce then I opted for the classic burger and a side of onion rings. First I'll talk about Stephens meal, he was hands down super happy with the steak and said if his mouth wasn't so sore he would have had two because it was that good. They cooked it to perfection for him and it wasn't overflowing with gristle, it was great hearing him be so happy with the meal as he's quite a quiet persona and you can never get a straight answer from him haha, His words are "Go, Get the steak, then get another because you'll love it".

Now, I am notorious for my eyes being bigger than belly if I'm honest and I get full very easily but when we were at Burger and bun I ate every bit of my food plus some of Stephens chips and his corn on the cob hahaha I loved the food, the burger was beyond words, it melted into my mouth, cooked to perfection and hit the spot perfectly. The onion rings were beautiful, very crispy, hit the spot just right, can't praise the food enough as it was very moreish. 

So is this the best burger yet?....... YES! I honestly fell in love with it, I have to have more, I need to go back.

For desert we both opted for vanilla ice cream, Stephen had his plain and I had strawberry sauce and sprinkles. The ice cream was lovely, you get a lot for the money which is nice so you don't have to pay a lot for ice cream and then get a scoop... not that the ice cream is expensive in Burger an Bun though, it's affordable for sure which is a big plus. 

The overall experience at Burger and Bun was brought together by the warm, friendly staff. They were very attentive, happy to answer any questions and give recommendations, I do like when staff are on the ball as it adds to the experience as a whole, definitely don't have a bad word to say about them. 

The upstairs is a good sized area, I like that they have the option for upstairs seating if the down stairs get's overly crowded and it's set out lovely with tables for two, four and 6 so even if there's a few of you, you'll get a table to accommodate and I'm sure if there was a big group the staff would more more than happy to sort seating for you. Burger and Bun is also child friendly (major points) so you can take little ones along with you for a meal out, there was actually a a couple of people there with babies when we attended, the babies were a little fussy but no one bothered, it was just a matter of fact so that also made me fall in love with the place because babies do get fussy, they are unpredictable but I don't think that should stop anyone from going out for a nice meal, it was just so relaxed at the restaurant which I can assume helped the parents feel more at ease with their little grumpy baba. 

It's that time... TOILET REVIEW! Now if you have been reading my restaurant reviews then you will know by now that a toilet for me says a lot about the establishment, I always have to check them out because a clean toilet let's me know they care. In Burger and Bun it is only one toilet but for the size of the restaurant I think it's ok although it would be nice to have a few available. The toilet was clean, big enough to move around in and had a big mirror.... obviously important ;) The toilets get a pass from me. 

So final thoughts? Burger and Bun needs to open up closer to me because if it did I would never leave, their food is amazing, customer service is on point and I love how cosy yet stylish the restaurant looks. If you get the chance you should definitely pay them a visit. I love their out door area which I think would be perfect for the nice weather, I definitely want to go along when it's a sunny to enjoy a burger and bellini.

Burger and bun can be found at:

149 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3DY

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*I was asked to go along and try Burger and Bun out but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Ooh looks tasty will have to go check it out! I do love a good burger

  2. This restaurant looks amazing! The food looks delicious and I like that the menu isn't too jam packed. We love a good burger restaurant so I wish this was closer to us so we could give it a try.

  3. It's so difficult find child-friendly places so that's a really big positive for this place. The burger looks so delicious!

  4. I am at the opposite end of the country, but this looks like a great burger bar. We have lots of fab burger places in Manchester too x

  5. I love the decor it looks so stylish. I must admit I do love a good burger and these are making my mouth water!

  6. I love going out for burgers. My favourite is GBK, they have a great gluten free menu including GF buns. So many other places I've been GF burger means without a bun.

  7. That looks lovely. But far to travel from Devon but it’s definitely a place that would catch our eyes 😀

  8. I look nothing better than a good burger!!! And if the staff was nice then it is a bonus!

  9. Oh god, I really want a burger now! I love the look of this place, that outside area looks lovely and so does the interiors. Glad you had a lovely meal :)