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Hello you lovely lot and welcome to another advertisers post! This months I have a wide variety of bloggers to showcase and each one as amazing as the next. So you know what this means, sit back, get comfy, grab a cuppa and find new bloggers to fall in love with.

First up I have Sarah from with me again this month for advertising! I can't thank her enough for coming back to me again, I really appreciate it. If you haven't binged on her blog before then I suggest that you do. One post that I really loved reading lately was her "ARBONNE INTELLIGENCE GENIUS NIGHTLY RESURFACING PADS | REVIEW" review, it as a very interesting read!

A Little About Sarahs Blog:

"Hey! I’m Sarah, a small but bold 22 year old from Glasgow! I’ve been told I’m so small that I have to say I’m “smol”. I originally started my blog way back in 2012 as a way of sharing my love of beauty and skin care with people as my mum was more than fed up of me always harping on about “this new lipstick” that I got."

Sarahs' Links:

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Next I have Alana from and I have to say, I just LOVE her style of blogging, I have been having a good binge on her blog and one post I have loved is - MAY 2018 GOALS because it reminded me that I have to get mine sorted and keep on top of them this month!  

"I'm Alana Nicole! I'm an animal obsessed, sarcasm loving, reality tv watching, peach cobbler connoisseur who can't stop smiling at the site of pure female magic."

Alanas Links: 


Next up is Ellen from with me again this month, It's amazing that she's with me again this month, I love having her advertise with me. I do always enjoy scrolling through her blog and reading some new tips and what not, one post I have really enjoyed lately is "5 LIGHTING TIPS TO CREATE THE PERFECT ATMOSPHERE" because I have just re done my room and I do like to create a good atmosphere and doing it through lighting is a fab way to go about it.

A Little About Ellen's Blog:

"All things vintage for me started with my grandmother passing on her Old Country Roses China Tea Set when she passed away. It was then that I realised the quality, and the uniqueness of vintage. Which is why my lifestyle and parenting blog also has a little vintage twist!"

Ellens' Links:


Next up is Kay from with me this month and I have to say that I'm so honoured she has chose to advertise with me again. Kay is such a fantastic blogger, sharing body positivity and self love posts that will inspire you, Kay is also the founder of MH Stories which you should check out. I have loved reading "IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK" recently as I really connect with it.

A Little About Kay:

"Hey! I'm Kay. I work as a freelance writer, social media manager and blogger.
I’m extremely passionate about spreading mental health awareness. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and spread as much positivity and love as I possibly can, while sharing the ups and downs of mental health recovery."

Kays Links:


Next up I have Lisa from with me again this month for advertising, it makes my wee hart so warm that Lisa keeps coming back to advertise with me, honestly. Lisa is such an amazing and supportive woman, I honestly love knowing her. I always love reading her posts but my favourite recently has to be "PAYING IT FORWARD – AND FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF" because it's such a great post for spreading kindness and paying it forward.

"So, a little more about me. I’m a first (and last!) time mum to a seven year old daughter, wife to a lovely husband, and concierge to three cats. I also work as a freelance Digital Manager – you can find me on LinkedIn if you’re looking for any help with social media, copywriting, or project management!"

Lisa's Links:

I also have Rosalene with me this month from, I have been followed Rosalene for a while and I just love her style of blogging. One post that I have loved from her recently is Afternoon Tea at The Vicarage | Freehouse & Rooms because it was nice to read about being able to take her little one along to an event. 

"My name is Ros or Rosaleen Mary Majella Marmion to be official and i’ve decided to create a blog about everything and anything that makes me happy. My life is about to change big time, i’m 13 weeks pregnant as i write this and i would love nothing more than to document whatever happens in the next few years and hopefully you will all enjoy reading what i have to say"

Rosalenes Links: 

Next up I have Michelle from with me this month for advertising and although her blog is a new blog for me to read I have enjoyed having a scroll but one post I really loved reading was OPEN LETTER TO HUMANKIND as I thought it was so well written and I found myself nodding along the whole way.

"Satisfy Her Soul was created by Michelle Thibodeau, a Singer-Songwriter from New Brunswick, Canada, now based in Toronto. In scrolling through her Social Media Feeds on her personal Twitter and Facebook, Michelle realized just how much negativity was being shared on these platforms."

Michelles Links: 


Last but certainly not least I have Sarah from with me for may advertising. I really love the whole idea behind Wild Dunk Camping as it is a great blog for helping people connect with the outdoors and I have to say that after reading some posts I just want to get out into nature and experience new thing. One post I loved was Dragon's Breath and Yellow Wellingtons as I think it would be such a great book to have on the shelf, I'm sure Leon would love this tale of a little girl around his age heading out on an adventure. 

A Little About Sarah:

"WildDunk Camping was born out of our love and passion for the great outdoors. We help you to reconnect with nature and find inspiration for great days out, camping treks, kits reviews, wild camping advice and more."

Sarahs Links: 


A big thank you to all my advertisers this month! you are all bloody amazing, seriously! 

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  1. Love this round up, Jordanne! Some of my fellow bloggers I'm already following but there are some new ones on here that I'm off to have a look at now - thank you! x

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